Wot we made.


I made 4 bars of coffee soap. It’s supposed to take the odours of garlic, fish etc from your hands after you’ve been cooking with them. I also put the coffee grounds into it to give a nice scrubbable texture to it.

I used this as a soap mould:


Worked a treat. There’s one bar that is definitely earmarked just for us though:


This is the top. Obviously when I poured it into the mould it was quite thick. I’m just calling it an “exfoliating layer” and leaving it at that!

Meanwhile, Evan4 decided to feed the inner man and made gingerbread people:


They didn’t last long enough to be iced.

ps. Dehydrating rosemary makes your kitchen smell really nice.

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7 Responses to Wot we made.

  1. Urspo says:

    coffee soap is new to me; any tea soap?

  2. river says:

    That looks remarkably like coffee mousse, are you sure you didn’t use a dessert recipe?

    Mmmm, gingerbread men.

  3. trash says:

    I gave my sister some fighting shape biscuit cutters for Christmas. They are for making Ninjabread Men!

  4. Beet says:

    they gave us coffee beans to whiff in between smelling perfumes and essential oils at parties to clear and refresh the nose, so I can well see coffee soap working on getting rid of cooking odours from hands.

    That top layer nearly looks like chocolate crackle lol

  5. Annie Jones says:

    I can’t see the first two pics. It says they are unavailable.

    I was just wondering yesterday if coffee soap could be made. Now I know! My husband promises to help me make a couple of batches of soap this weekend. The plans are for a batch with tea tree oil and another made with green tea (including the leaves).

  6. river says:

    I might have to have a go at soap making. I’d love to wash with cinnamon/vanilla soap.

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