Denial. Procrastination. Biting me in the bum. Again.

In the last three days I’ve watched the whole first season of ‘The Tudors’.

Rumour has it that tomorrow I go back to work. I believe the rumour. Unpleasant rumours are usually true.

Both ‘The Tudors’ and work are educational, so that means I haven’t wasted my time. Right? (Ignore the fact that I don’t teach history so I can’t justify my revelling in Tudor England as being at all relevant to my job, so linking them is a desperate attempt at rationalising what is undoubtedly pure self indulgent time wasting of the worst degree. I know that’s a long sentence but I’m caffeine fuelled, I got up at 5 in a bit of a panic about all that needs to happen and I’m thinking in long sentences about long lists of tasks that will get done by bedtime tonight.)

Today I will be in a blur of activity. Just have to finish my third cup of coffee, (it’s 6.30AM), and then I’ll start to move. There’s a huge list of activities, some craft related, some gardening related but most are house organising related….*sigh*…. to finish. I’ll be going to work tomorrow for a well-earned rest.

That’s the plan, anyway. Wish me luck for today!

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9 Responses to Denial. Procrastination. Biting me in the bum. Again.

  1. Scott says:

    Tudors…William Shakespeare…English Teacher – less than three degrees of separation! Enjoy your last few hours of precious freedom.

  2. Pixie says:


    good luck!!!

  3. maybaby says:

    I am trying to get into that series. I’ve made it to episode three.


    Good luck, from one procrastinator to another.

  4. Beet says:

    The Tudors is relevant… you were expanding your world view and exploring earlier models of language use.


  5. Urspo says:

    indeed good luck.

  6. It’s always the way…..the end of holidays seems to coincide with panic about what needs to be done and what hasn’t been done….I used to worry about “wasting” time while on leave…(watching movies/sleeping etc..) but if you choose to do something and enjoy it – surely it can’t be “wasted” time?
    most schools are back today here in SA….teachers went back last Tuesday – enjoy your day…and good luck with getting thru the list!

  7. river says:

    I can barely think words, let alone long sentences. I think my brain is fried from the heat.

  8. libby says:

    good luck!! i have 8 weeks to get ready for our overseas trip and finish making quilts for the fishermans family! eeekkk… need to get off this pc!

  9. AnnaY says:

    hope you enjoyed your last work free day. slightly jealous as i’ve been back for 1 1/2 weeks.

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