You know that list of things I wanted to do in the holidays?


Two years ago I made a bag from Jodie’s pattern and I’ve used it every day since. At the time I also made most of another bag using totally different fabric. For two years it’s languished without a strap, in the container marked “WIPs”.

In October the magnetic clasp on my first bag ripped through the lining, so I needed a new bag. One of the jobs for these holidays was to finish off this handbag. Surely, with umpteen weeks of holidays, this wouldn’t be a problem? I distinctly remember thinking, “If I don’t get this little job done, that’d be really bad.”

So at 5pm yesterday, on the last day of the holidays, I dragged it out, made a strap, sewed it on and put on the buttons.


Took me less than half an hour.


Now I can go back to work!

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5 Responses to You know that list of things I wanted to do in the holidays?

  1. Jayne says:

    Love the pattern!

  2. Sharyn R says:

    How very funny, it is always the little jobs you keep putting off and then when you do it and think that did not take long at all and then begin kicking yourself because it didn’t take long to do it and you could of been using it ages ago! I have lots of those waiting patiently in my sewing room. also love the fabric.

  3. Beet says:

    I have so got to make one of those bags.

  4. Rhu says:

    And if you are anything like me, you always feel like you have accomplished something when the hanger-rounder jobs are done 🙂

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