Craft Camp #2

demotivational posters - MY SINK

Ryan3 rang on Sunday night at Craft camp.

“Mum, did you take any bowls with you?” he asked.

“Bowls?” I asked, puzzled. Why on earth would I take random crockery with me?”

I got home and David2 wandered out into the loungeroom to greet me.

“Hey, Mum, why’d you take all the bowls?”

I’m sure you all know what’s coming next. I stalked out to the kitchen and stood beside the sink full of dirty dishes. Without touching anything I counted, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight bowls guys! And that’s without moving any of the big things on the top. I’m thinking that a couple of you need to do the dishes, because I’m not touching this.”

Then I went and stroked my lovely big patches made up of 2.5″ squares that I spent a day and a half on.


I decided to make a quilt of scrap squares because I have far too much fabric and so I should use it up. 2.5″ squares are SURE to make a dent in the stash…

I was going to sew them together only if I finished everything else. They were my little insurance policy that I wouldn’t be left with nothing to do. But they’re somewhat addictive.

I finished the Reading quilt.


If you look you can see my pink hair.

Then I basted this quilt that you see behind Janet.


She also has the Sewjourn Concentration Face that we all wear. I had blurry shots of Kate as well, but they weren’t very flattering (to me, I mean, as the photographer) so I deleted them, never to see the light of day.

I also finished two blocks for the quilting bee I belong to.



Then I began sewing little squares in groups of 6. Over and over again. I worked out that I needed 225 strips of 6 to make a quilt, so I kept going until I had them.

Tedious, but a good job well done. Let’s ignore the fact that I should have been quilting the Monster Quilt Behind Janet. I told Kate and Stomper to keep me away from the addictive little 2.5″ squares. But no…. I heeded the siren call of the tiny and so the monster quilt is still weighing on my mind.


Speaking of the tiny: Sue makes little dogs. These are the two that Eleanor bought. She also learned to crochet this weekend, so here she is, parading around like a Handcrafty supermodel with her first granny square.


I think it’s a granny square. I don’t crochet…. if I add anything else to my repetoire I’ll be approaching burnout.


See her face? This is why we go to Craft Camp.


Thanks Janet and Suse for organising it.

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2 Responses to Craft Camp #2

  1. Stomper Girl says:

    I think its good to show the Finished Object Face as well as the Concentration Face.

  2. victoria says:

    The last photo of the massive sewing table is wonderful, love it. I’m so into the scrap squares quilt you’re making.

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