Things I’ve been doing.


My heirloom tomatoes are FINALLY ripening. I have a bowl of ripe ones in the fridge and these ones are ripening on the bench.


The silver beet that I planted in the front yard is now being overtaken by the freesia bulbs that pop up every year. I’m torn…

I really want to start using the ground in the front yard to grow food, but I really love those freesias…


I’ve been making more of these 2.5″ squares. I sew them in rows of 6, then sew them together in blocks of 6. Last night I just HAD to see what the quilt might look like, so I sewed 4 big blocks together and spread it out over the ironing board:


I think I’m going to like it. Evan4 had some friends over last night and when Alex’s Mum came to pick her up she raved about how nice it looked. I’m taking that as a good sign.


The aftermath of Evan4’s gathering. Yesterday we were at Bunnings and he saw these $40 braziers and bags of firewood for $12. He begged and pleaded and looked at me with those puppy-dog eyes peering out from under his dreads.

How could I say no? Besides, I thought it might make the fires he and his friends have a bit neater. Clearly, I was wrong.


This is the gift you give your 14 year old to make it even that his brothers are going to America. (heh heh)


While we were at Bunnings I bought some seedlings. See the ones on the far left… the spring onions? I’m a bit savage at having to buy them.

You see, three years ago I bought a punnet (or was it 2?) of spring onions and potted every. single. one of them into pots. Then, whenever I needed an onion (spring or otherwise) I’d take my trusty scissors and cut what I needed off at ground level. They grow back. We’ve been eating from those same spring onions for 3 years. Every now and then I’d let one or two develop seed heads, which I’d cut off and leave to rot away in the bottom of the pot, figuring they might self-seed as well. It’s been brilliant.

Then I made the mistake of thinking that I’d run an experiment in the back yard, where I put some of the used chicken bedding into a large pot, mixed it with coffee grounds and a bit of compost and then innocently let the chickens out to free range. They learned very quickly that they can leap into the big pots, which they’d previously ignored, and they can scratch around. I also think that they get a buzz from the coffee grounds. My big pot of spring onions now looks like this:


Adding insult to injury, the pots of spring onions I had on the front porch have been feeding the snails who live in the agapanthus:


Time for new blood. I’ll repot the ones that are left and add some blood and bone to kick them along. The new spring onions I bought have red bottoms, a bit like baboons. It’ll be something a bit different.

Meanwhile, in the experimental pot I mentioned earlier, I’ve put a layer of potting mix over the top and planted some leeks.


Hopefully this will make ’em pause…


Look at them!


You’d swear all they were interested in was coming up to the doorway for a chat…

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5 Responses to Things I’ve been doing.

  1. persiflage says:

    Those chooks look so nicely settled and contented, despite the odd interference with their free-ranging. However, at the same time, chooks always seem to me to look quite baleful.
    You can’t get rid of the freesias, though.

  2. Urspo says:

    I miss heirloom tomatoes so!

    I agree the chickens look bewildered. Are chickens smart? or is the term ‘dumb cluck” based on something?

  3. andi says:

    Your quilt is looking gorgeous!!
    I love random scrappy squares rather a lot!!

  4. ecoMILF says:

    So much loveliness you’ve shared! The fire does look pretty appealing I must say! xx

  5. Ellen says:

    All is looking mellow and fruitful in your garden. Could the freezias and sugarbeet live happily side by side? They may look great together and the eternal spring onion pot is a great idea.

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