I love pumpkin.

p4040142Here is my pumpkin harvest for the year!

Impressive, isn’t it?

The photo is a little blurry because I was trembling with excitement at the thought of showing you all how great I am at growing pumpkin. I’d take another shot but we’ve already eaten it. I sliced it up very thinly and threw it in an Impossible pie filled with our eggs and other veggies we grew.

So this little nugget was the only thing that grew from a punnet of Butternut pumpkin plants and a punnet of Golden Nugget plants. I am the goddess of all things gardening.

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5 Responses to I love pumpkin.

  1. avital says:

    we’ve had truly terrible luck with squashes and pumpkins too. Last year, 6 plants produced three small squashes. We’ve decided this year that the low output, in spite of our best efforts, is not worth the entire garden bed of space that they take up. No more squash growing for us, we’ll get them from the farmer’s market.

  2. river says:

    A mini pumpkin!!!
    It’s about the same size as my mini rockmelon.

    My vines died without producing any pumpkins at all. I’ll try again next season.

  3. Sanna says:

    That is the cutest, smallest, pumpkin I have ever seen.
    And I am imagining the most delicious you have ever eaten.

  4. Ellen says:

    …but you grew a pumpkin!! and if you had tried to grow a cuter one – impossible.

  5. Shane says:

    It is something you know. First year I tried to grow pumpkin, all I got a weed like vine that produced no fruit and killed every other plant in sight.

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