As a follow-on to yesterday…

I popped home at lunchtime and walked down to the chook run to let the girls out to free range and to collect the eggs. As I got closer I glanced smugly into the all-new redesigned chicken run and gasped….

There was a dove eating from the feeder!!!!!!!

I said something very unladylike, raced in and whipped back the tarp. The dove nearly had a heart attack. It fluttered around, bashing its head against the wire roof on the little run, totally panicked.

I was sorely tempted to leave it there, to slowly bash itself to bits as a grim warning to any other birds that would be watching, but that wouldn’t be right. So I lifted the roof off and let the evil devil bird fly away.

Turns out I’ve now had 3 days worth of feeding from what used to be one day’s worth. I hope that damned dove doesn’t spread the word to its voracious mates about how to walk through the coop to get to the food.

(…..and I thought I was so clever….)

Round one to you, Mother Nature! Well played.

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3 Responses to As a follow-on to yesterday…

  1. persiflage says:

    It seems that Nature red in tooth and claw (or whatever) is flourishing in your chook run.

  2. Bev says:

    Sorry you lost that round!

    Maybe you need a chicken-loving, dove-hating cat!

  3. fiveandtwo says:

    A few years ago I figured I was feeding many hundreds of sparrows as well as feeding my chooks. I came upon an advertisement for , I think, Grandpa’s Chook Feeders in ABC Organic Gardening magazine. One of those feeders that flips a lid up when the chooks stand on the feeder platform. The lid closes when the chooks hop off. It was quite expensive but totally worth it. I feed out probably 1/8 of the Red Hen I once did. I’ve found a couple of sparrows that didn’t escape the descent of the feeder lid…
    I like the sparrows, their adaptability and the lovely range of browns and beiges in their feathers. I do not like them eating 3/4 of the chook food.
    Pippin and Sammy-cat (RIP) both brought sparrow offerings. Lately only young rats from Pip.

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