It’s powerful when you think about it.


Towards the end of last year Carole from work gave me a plastic bag full of hundreds of broccoli seeds that she’d saved from her garden. I gave heaps away to people from the gardening club but still had lots left over.

Last weekend I did a LOT of work in the veggie garden and on Monday I realised that I’d forgotten these seeds. It’s not too late for broccoli so I grabbed 3 seed trays when I got home from work, sprinkled some seeds in some potting mix and popped them up on my kitchen window. It gets the afternoon sun so I thought it would be like a greenhouse. By Thursday night these had already germinated.

Now look at the soil level in the top photo. This was how the seed trays were…. nice and level. Now look at what happened in the tray that had LOTS of seeds come up:


Look at how that soil has been forced up! Imagine the energy that was being expelled.


Here’s the same tray 24 hours later.

I’d say that these plants are fairly vigorous growers, wouldn’t you?

If anyone’s interested in some seedlings, I think there’s going to be a few available at my place! We’re not THAT fond of broccoli…

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