On the weekend.


It’s Easter. That means that Mum and Dad have gone away and we have Murphy living with us for a few days.


This means that the chickens are locked in their run for the duration. They’re not too happy.

A couple of years ago Dad brought over some yukka plants that he’d propagated and we put them in 3 large terracotta pots to soften the look of the garage. They grew and grew and ended up splitting two of the pots. Vigorous growers, those yukkas! I wanted to save the pots to use for something else and I didn’t want to plant the yukkas in the ground, because I’m leaning more and more towards food plants. My brilliant solution was to visit the neighbours two doors up who just knocked down their house, put up a McMansion and have a spiky-leaved minimalist garden out the front. He was rapt and brought his father around to save the plants.


Pot I can save.


Pot I’m hoping I can glue together.


Pot beyond saving. I’m going to use it as edging for my asparagus bed.

I’m really pleased that I was able to save those plants. They were quite large and would cost a fortune to buy, so Guy and Beverley were pleased to have them too.


Maris. She’s a cat.


Molly. She’s a dog.


I bought two of these bins for $6 each to make some wicking beds with. Unfortunately I don’t have a drill thing to make holes in the sides. This project may have to wait a while.


I finished the quilt top of the 2.5″ squares. I want to quilt it but most of my basting pins are in the triangle quilt I basted when I was at Sewjourn last time. I don’t feel like quilting that one, so the whole production line has ground to a stop.

I’d get more pins but then I’d never quilt the triangle quilt, and that’s just not on.


I was going through my veggie seeds and threw out 3 packets of expired seeds. Then I gave myself a good shake (felt so refreshing!) and threw them into a punnet of potting mix each. Waste not, want not! There’s cauliflower (2010), brown onion (2010) and leek (2009). We’ll see if anything happens.


When I was at the gardening club a week ago, someone mentioned that white egg shells in the garden can deter cabbage moth.They think a moth has already found the cabbages and caulies so they fly off to lay their eggs somewhere else. Stoopid moths! I made egg and cheese jaffles for the boys a couple of days ago using Hazel’s eggs because they’re little. She lays off-white eggs, so instead of crushing them up to feed back to the chooks I put them in the garden. Again, we’ll see what happens.


Here’s David2’s nectarine tree, around 5 months after we planted it. Have you ever seen healthier looking leaves? It’s a dwarf one, so I’m not expecting huge crops. Still, this year we should get a few nectarines.


Pretty much the last of the ripe tomatoes. There’s still some green ones on the plants, but we had a frost last night so I’ll pull the plants out today and make some sort of green tomato relish thing.


If you’re looking for a good variety of heirloom tomato to plant next year, this one was a beauty. It has medium sized white tomatoes and in a year that was really bad for tomatoes, this plant was a good provider. On the label it said that the tomatoes are covered with a fine fuzz, which nearly put me off buying the plant, but you can barely notice it. They’re a good size and texture for cooking.


On Easter Sunday, this is what the chickens had for breakfast.

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2 Responses to On the weekend.

  1. river says:

    White eggshells? At this point I’m willing to try anything. Well, next season anyway. Nothing did very well for me this year, so I’m taking a break. I do have mini versions of cauliflower and cabbage seeds to plant and I’ll put some in tomorrow, but if they don’t do well, then next year I’m forgetting the organic idea and buying what I need to spray those bugs and fertilise the plants.

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