I pulled out all of my heritage tomato plants this morning and I have LOTS of totally green tomatoes. What can I make with them? I’d hate to waste them.

Any suggestions/recipes?


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13 Responses to Help!!

  1. Dee says:

    I made green tomato pickles with ours a couple of years ago. Google or a will send the recipe that I used

  2. Janet says:

    Green tomato chutney. I made a batch last weekend and it is delicious.
    Mine has green apples and sultanas in it and is sweet/tangy. Let me know and I’ll write up the recipe.
    ps you could wash the tomatoes and bung them in the freezer and make it next weekend….

  3. Urspo says:

    Janet took my suggestion

  4. I’m with Dee and Janet. I had a great time adding green tomatoes to my bread and butter pickles, and cucumbers to my green tomato pickles and relish. Mix them all up for fun and yumminess.

    I’ve also added chopped green tomatoes to veggie stir fries – the toms don’t go mushy but do sweeten in flavour with the cooking heat.

    And use the biggest, greenest ones for fried green tomatoes (just google for a recipe) – so worth the effort!

  5. Annie says:

    I have the same problem, so i just left them on the bush for now.

  6. kelgurl says:

    salsa or a pickled relish is always good good luck choosing from all the options

  7. Stomper Girl says:

    Duh. Green tomato soap.

  8. trash says:

    Definitely fry ’em than go hang out at a cafe within earshot of the train station.

  9. river says: for recipes

    My mum used to make green tomato pickles.
    Everyone above me has good ideas.

  10. Ellen says:

    … or you could just leave them in a sunny spot to gradually ripen. Just put them on some newspaper and make sure they aren’t touching (after all, you don’t want even more green toms!)

  11. Widget says:

    Whatever you make, enjoy them….

  12. If you’ve ever read the Little House on the Prairie series, Ma made green tomato pie with them and Laura said it tasted like apples.

    I’ve seen recipes.

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