Where I show off my skillz and my new purchase.


My potatoes were growing beautifully, then they started to look raggedy. I thought snails had found them until I walked out to the clothes line one afternoon and saw Jane perched on the side. Why, after leaving potato plants alone for their whole lives, do they start nibbling at them now?

The potatoes are now raised high enough that the chooks can’t get to them.


A makeshift chook barrier for my midget lemon tree. Quite the handywoman, aren’t I?


The boys and I were driving home from my parents’ house last Saturday when we saw a sign saying ‘Free Firewood’ on someone’s nature strip. I drive a station wagan, so the boys who like fires jumped out with glee and proceeded to fill the back. They were all set to light a fire straight away, so I had to break it to them that the wood had to be aged first. I saw on someone’s blog recently… maybe Bev’s…. that you should stack branches vertically so the sap runs out of them faster. Quite the Lumberjill, aren’t I?


No more figs. Winter is nearly here.


Look what we bought!!!

The fund raising we did for the band tour to America yielded $1500 per child. Weirdly, that’s the amount I paid for Ryan3 after Tony stopped paying, so I felt entitled to keep it. With the fund raising taken into account it meant that I was out of pocket 3K and Tony  was out of pocket 3K. (Much better than him paying 3K and me paying 6K, which was how it stood until I got the news about the fund raising. All of those sausage sizzles, cake stalls and cabaret nights were worth it!) That meant I had 3K that I wasn’t expecting to have. I was going to just pay it off the mortgage but then I thought I should use it for a project instead, as it was a chunk of money I didn’t expect to get. Water tanks or solar? I went with the solar because the government rebates are due to run out soon and because the panels cost 3K. It was meant to be.

I’m still waiting for the smart meter to go in and then we’ll start saving. Unfortunately with 4 teenagers in the house it won’t cover all of our power bills, but we’ll certainly be paying a lot less every quarter.

Now to start saving for the water tanks!

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