The internet giveth….

Here’s the documetary of a book I finished reading a couple of weeks ago: The World According To Monsanto. If you’re at all interested in the debate about whether genetically modified foods are a great thing or not, this information is definitely worth looking at. I’ve only seen the first 15 minutes so I can’t vouch for the whole thing, but I know that the book raised some very scary questions in my mind about it all. I started off being a big fan of GM foods…. now I’m not so sure…

Anyway, the next few days are supposed to be rainy. It goes for 1 1/2 hours so it might be a good time to settle down in front of the computer with a cuppa and have a gander.

A week or so ago I was reading this post by Foodnstuff where she was showing her winter crops and she was talking about Yacon. ‘I wonder what that is?’ I asked myself, but I didn’t bother googling to find out.

Turns out I didn’t have to. Literally the very next post I clicked on to read was this one by Dixiebelle. Spooky. But informative.

Here’s a site that’ll either fascinate you or make you wonder what people do with their time. Click on it. A woman has set up a webcam in her henhouse.

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3 Responses to The internet giveth….

  1. dixiebelle says:

    Hey there, are you saying I’m spooky!! Thanks for reading & linking! The yacon has not gone into fritters, been roasted, in quiche, mashed with potato, in soup and the pasta bake too!

  2. Urspo says:

    Monsanto is evil; and absolute gangsters they go after people who dare do things otherwise/against them. Scary.

  3. dixiebelle says:

    (der, I wrote it has not gone, for some dumb reason… of course, it HAS gone into those things!)

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