Tonight is the night!

When this season of ‘Survivor’ started Tom1 had the brilliant idea of running a Survivor Sweep with the teachers from work. We all kicked in $10 each for 2 Survivors. Simon, a teacher in my staff room who hates the show with a passion, was the one who drew the names out of the hat, as we knew there’d be no possibility of corruption. The sweep added a little dollop of extra interest as the season progressed. Tom1, being a Survivor fanatic and a teenager, was downloading the episodes as they were aired in the US so he and I were always a week or two ahead of everyone else, but it was still Jolly Good Fun talking about it on Wednesday mornings at work.

Tonight is crunch time. The finale. (Tom1 and I already know who won, but officially I’m in complete ignorance.) We’re having a Survivor party at Angela’s house. She’s a young teacher who still lives at home and her Italian mum has really thrown herself into it, by all accounts. She’s bought palm trees, oodles of food, a special cake (rumour has it that we’ll have to eat the cake with our hands), snakes on the table and a tropical fruit platter. She was talking about hiding the food and making us go on a scavenger hunt, but hopefully Ange has talked her out of that.

Tonight at 8 we’ll be rolling up. In order to make up the numbers my friend Liz (who is David2’s best friend’s mother) was included in the sweep, so she, Tom1 and I will be making the trek to Springvale to see the outcome (again). In my hand will be the envelope with the massive prizemoney…. winner takes it all.

(For Scott’s info: Gim, Kellie, Busto, Liz P, Angela and Bec were the other teachers. We didn’t find out till too late that Helen is also a mad keen Survivorist. Don’t you wish you were here to be included? It’d be worth having to write reports and deal with the dear little kiddies again. Admit it…. you miss us…)

Should be a fun night!

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6 Responses to Survivor.

  1. kris says:

    Have fun! Sounds like it will be a great night!

  2. Scott says:

    I’m with Simon, I’m afraid. Don’t even know who Kellie is – YOU’VE ALL CHANGED SO MUCH!

  3. river says:

    I’m not a survivor fan, those “reality” shows leave me cold, but congratulations to the winner whoever he/she is. I think a scavenger hunt for the food would have been a great idea…..

  4. libby says:

    we missed the start of the series due to our trip overseas and didnt get back into it…. might have to watch it online now. sounds like a fun night!

  5. Widget says:

    Yeah you do Scott…Kel Fel…..but I agree that’s it has changed. I work in a separate office away from the main drag and I’ve noticed the change……but it’s still quite a close group.

  6. Scott says:

    Ah – quite right Widget. It’s because I don’t associate her with the old Staffroom 1…

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