Look at what I found in a garage sale yesterday! It’ll look fantastic filled with flowers. It’ll have to stay in the front yard to avoid it being filled with chickens and my mangled dreams of a wheelbarrow filled with pretty flowers, so I hope that no-one pinches it. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be hard to do… just pick it up by the handles and wheel it out the gate. Maybe I should superglue it to the lawn?


When we walked into the yard, I heard one of the boys say to the others, “Keep Mum away from the pots.”

It didn’t work.


Here is a close-up shot of the girls having breakfast. The system of putting their pellets into a covered up part of the run that can only be accessed by them walking through the coop is working reasonably well.


The long shot shows that it may not be pretty, but so far it’s been 9 weeks since I went to buy pellets. My “6 week supply” is just over half-way gone, so it’s saving me quite a bit of money and time.

Occasionally I’ll wander down and find a pigeon in there, which annoys me no end. (Scares the living daylights out of the pigeon, too!) But in general the bird population of this suburb is able to partake of the kitchen scraps first thing but then have to go away and find things other than my pellets.


The silver beet plants that the neighbours gave me are doing well.


A bean plant has popped up where I grew the beans over summer. I’ve got idea if the frosts will kill it, but I’ve given it something to climb up and it’s tendriling its way up. I’ve also planted some peas with it, but they’ve yet to show themselves.


Bertie checking that the chooks and birds haven’t left anything edible. He and Molly are most diligent in this duty.

This weekend has been frantic. I had a lot of things I wanted to do but instead I’ve been racing around doing lots of other things. Today Evan4 and I are going into the city to see ‘Rock of Ages’ with the year 9 Dance and Drama kids, which will be fun.  After what happened last week with the football crowds… we’re taking the train.

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5 Responses to Wheelbarrow.

  1. river says:

    “Keep Mum away from the pots”; that has to be one of the biggest jokes in your house.
    I’m more likely to hear, “get out of the house, Mum’s in cleaning mode”

  2. Fairlie says:

    Can’t wait to hear what Rock of Ages was like!

  3. Nice to see the chooks, hope they’re more productive than ours turned out to be.
    Q. Why Silver Beet? It must be the most tasteless vegetable known to man.
    We found an old wheel barrow last year, a wooden one. I bored some holes for drainage, filled it with well fertilized compost and grew 6 tomato plants successfully.

  4. Urspo says:

    so THERE is my missing wheelbarrow !

  5. Shane says:

    Yeah so enjoy the pots but if for any reason you want to do get rid of them….

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