Life finds a way.


Remember the rhubarb plant that I was given at the Open Garden that snapped in half in the car? Isn’t life wonderful? Look at that greenery!

It’s actually really tiny but I’ll leave it in the kitchen window over winter and plant it out next to the asparagus bed in Spring and I’m guessing it’ll really take off then. Little things like this make me happy.

My year 8s were doing book reviews last term and quite a few of them were raving about a series called ‘The Hunger Games’ by Suzanne Collins. A few days ago I was in the library supervising some class or other and I saw the first book in the series. I realised it was the first book in the series almost instantly because it was called ‘The Hunger Games.’ My intelligence knows no bounds. I borrowed it and started reading it yesterday. It was Correction Day and I have a rule that I have my reports finished by then so I don’t have to set foot in the school.

So I began reading it. It’s a Young Adult novel about life in the future, in a society that has a yearly event where kids from 12 – 18 are selected at random and have to fight to the death, all televised. Awesome stuff.

I’m telling you, I couldn’t put it down. I’d finish a chapter, go to do something else but find myself drawn back. With only 100 pages to go, I knew I was in trouble. I wanted to keep reading over the weekend but I only had enough pages to last me an hour or so. Things were desperate.

So I broke my own rule and went to the school library to borrow the other two books in the series.

Damn these kids who want to read the same books I do! They were all out. I have to do housework now.

The librarian is (I think) going to put them onto an ipad and lend them to me on Monday. This is scary on a few different levels.

1. It’s not a book. I love books. I love the feel of them, the print of them, the way you can throw them onto the bedside table and if you miss and they hit the floor you’re not going to break them.

2. Books are also bendy. Paperbacks are, anyway. I’m pretty sure iPads aren’t.

3. What if I find that I really like using the iPad? When the iPad 2 came out the kids convinced me that I wouldn’t like one, because I have nails and I can’t tap on the surface properly. Or something like that… I wasn’t really paying much attention. But what if I really like it? I’ll have to buy one. It costs as much as two wicking beds. It just isn’t practical.

4. If I decide I like it and I get one, then I’ll never be off the computer. This would be bad. My house and garden are messy enough as it is.

5. What if I can’t drive it? I’m technologically challenged. The children at home and at school might laugh at me. (Because if I can’t use it, I’d have to tell the children at school. Nothing like a good laugh, even if they’re laughing at you.)

But in the interests of scientific research, I’ll test drive the iPad if and when I borrow one. (I really want to keep reading this series.) I’ll report back.


Just a couple of follow-ups.

*We didn’t receive a single complaint about ‘Rock of Ages’. Either the kids were discreet or their parents are far more permissive than we thought. Either way, I’m glad.

*Widget asked how the audience liked the first half of the Drama program with Ms D’s class. I don’t know. When they were on I was in a classroom backstage with my class and the Dance kids saying, “Sssshhhh’ every two seconds.

*The big hair growing experiment: My hair has now reached the middle of my back. (This is hair on my head, not back hair! I’m not my father!!!!) It’s been about 4 years since I stopped shaving my head and let it grow. It’s starting to get slightly tedious to look after, so I might wake up one morning and decide to cut it short. Then again, I’m finally starting to look good when I leave it to roam wild and free, (it covers my face), so I might keep growing it for a while longer.

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3 Responses to Life finds a way.

  1. Bev says:

    My best friend has just bought an iPad2. She got the biggest, in terms of G’s and paid about $900. That’s a lot of wicking boxes!!

    I have a rule: don’t spend big bucks on anything that doesn’t contribute to building resilience into my life in the face of financial collapse, peak oil & climate change.

    When she shows it to me, I know she’ll tell me I MUST have one, but I’ll just think about how many fruit trees, wicking boxes and bags of cow manure I can get for $900.

  2. river says:

    I LOVED The Hunger Games series so much I’m going to buy the books so I can read them again and again.
    I’m not considering an I-pad, but I’m thinking of getting an e-reader od some kind, maybe a Kindle or maybe something cheaper. I could keep it in my locker at work in case I forget to take a book, or I could use it on long bus/train trips when carrying more than one book would be too heavy.
    I knew you rhubarb would recover, it’s what rhubarb does. I must rmember to get some from my daughter’s garden next time I’m there. It’s apple/rhubarb crumble weather.

  3. Mare says:

    You will love the iPad…..

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