Skinflint Sunday: Waste not, want not.


Looks delish, doesn’t it? This is the last of the lemon butter I made a few weeks ago. Remember? When I ran out of lemons?

I was down to the last jar and it was a bit too runny to put on toast. Seeing as today is baking day where I make all the biscuits and cakes for the week, I decided to add the lemon butter to a cake batter and make lemon cakes. After all, as far as I could remember the ingredients in the lemon butter are also in the cake.


Before I could think better of it I threw the contents of the jar in. Committed!

I have two lemon cakes now in the oven. The mix tasted vaguely lemony, so I think the boys will like it.

I’m pleased that I used the runny lemon butter up instead of just throwing it away.

In other cooking experiments, last night after our roast dinner, while I was watching ‘The Tudors’ on the computer, David2 snuck into the kitchen and made up a cake mix. With oats, because he thought it would fill him up for longer.

Apparently it tasted so awful that none of the boys could eat it. David2 tried to choke down a few morsels but even he had to give up.

Pudgy and Hazel quite liked it, though.

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One Response to Skinflint Sunday: Waste not, want not.

  1. Urspo says:

    I think that sounds prudent, despite the outcome

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