Bloopers and other goss.


1. One of my ESL kids called the priest in On TheWaterfront “the Godfather.” I LOLled very loudly, particularly with the Brando connection between the two films.

2. One of the year 10 teachers told me that she was marking an exam essay for To Kill A Mockingbird. One kid began his essay by saying, “Scout and Jem lost their innocence to Boo Radley.”


The good and the bad of having your mother as a teacher in the school.

David2 told me that he’d come and get his year12 textbook from me period 3 because I wasn’t teaching then. I waited, then went to the library and looked for him. Not there. (I don’t get to borrow an iPad, by the way. She didn’t have the books to put on one. I’m pleased and disappointed in equal portions.) On the way back to the staffroom I was walking across the Desert when I saw a tableful of year 11 boys. Sure enough, my beloved boy was there, embroiled in a Pokemon battle on his DS.

I walked up behind him and whacked him on the back with the textbook. Don’t worry, it’s a paperback. Gave him a fright, though I don’t think he missed a beat with the battle.  The other boys thought it was most amusing.

I walked back into the staff room and saw bowls of lollies out on the tables, there to keep our strength up while we finish reports. I grabbed a bowl and went back to the table. The boys were still there, David2 bent over his textbook.

I put the bowl down and their eyes went as big as dinnerplates.

“Enjoy!” I said. “Just don’t tell anyone.”

Their hands moved faster than the speed of light. Four boys, four handfuls and the lollies were gone.

“Thanks Ms Frogdancer,” said Dan. “You’re so nice.”

“Yes,” I said. “Yes I am.”

That boy’s a good judge of character.


I’m sitting in T8 with my year 8 English class writing this while they write their play scripts and I stopped them to ask who got me onto ‘The Hunger Games’.

Turns out Alex has the next two books at home so she’s bringing them in for me tomorrow.


I love my job.

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One Response to Bloopers and other goss.

  1. Jayne says:

    Gee, wish our teachers had shared bowls of lollies with us lol.

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