Nice surprise.

I just went to pay a $10 payment so Ryan3 can see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ next week and while I was at the bursar I asked if there were any other payments coming up for the boys.

She tapped a few keys, looked at the screen and said, “There’s a year 9 camp coming up for $180… but I think I need to give you a credit. Is Evan4 doing two instruments?”

“No. He was going to pick up the trombone but in the end we just stuck to the tuba,” I said.

“Well, I have to credit $140 to your account. Do you want to go ahead with the payment now?”

$40 for a three day camp. Cheapest camp EVER!!!!!!!


Gim just read me a couple of bloopers from her year 12 essays. Apparently Johnny Friendly in ‘On The Waterfront’ has “malignant muscles.” Poor fellow.

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4 Responses to Nice surprise.

  1. persiflage says:

    It is so good when something goes your way.
    I am pondering how to interpret malignant muscles. I think the pondering might be an indefinite process, unless otherwise enlightened.

  2. trash says:

    *sigh* it is so difficult when one has to cope with evil musculature.*

  3. river says:

    It’s been your lucky day.
    Malignant muscles……hmmm

  4. Widget says:

    you sure the kid meant Johnny Friendly and not Terry Malloy? I am sure Brando’s interpretation could definitely give the impression of malignancy….

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