Yard duty on the oval.

Every term our yard duty changes. There are a few coveted spots, but the one I’ve had this past term hasn’t been one of them. Everyone hates yard duty on the oval.

It’s full of kids playing sport. There’s no shelter from the weather and the smokers need chasing out from the behind the Smokers’ Tree. Now that the new sports shed has been put down at the very bottom of the oval, the smokers congregate behind that. It’s miles away from anywhere, but if you’re a teacher who’s reasonably fit and likes the thrill of the chase, you can sneak up on the kids there and hopefully bag a smoker for detention.

This morning at recess I grabbed the bright orange construction workers vest that we all have to wear for visibility when we’re yard dutying and went down to the oval for a gentle wander. I was so glad I did.

I was over talking to some year 10s. I taught some of them last year for English and they still come up and say hi.

Jono said to me, “Hey Miss. Do you remember that time in class when I sneaked off and hid in the cupboard all lesson?”

I laughed. “Yes I do! But what you didn’t know was that at first I didn’t see you move, but when I realised you were gone from sight I quietly went on teaching and looked to see where you might be. It was either behind the curtain or in the cupboard. So I just left you there for the whole lesson.”

He laughed. “Oh Miss, you’re so mean. It was really boring in there!”

Just then four of my current year 8 students came rushing up to us with great excitement.

“Look Miss!” said Seii. “Sonia’s found a four-leafed clover!!!”

Blow me down if she wasn’t correct. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a real four-leafed clover before. We all exclaimed over it and then they raced back to the clump of clover they were sitting on to see if they could find another.

It was a very pleasant way to spend a recess.

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4 Responses to Yard duty on the oval.

  1. river says:

    I once found a four leafed clover and sticky taped it into my husband’s birthday card. Which he then threw away and of course that tossed the luck too.

  2. IMy current duty schedule consists of patrolling the bus stop at end of school, but I used to love when I walked around the sports paddock. Seeing kids (of all ages) running around and having fun is very rewarding.

    I also used to take part in a flanking manouevre behind the gymn, used to catch 10-15 smokers every time.

    What fun.

  3. Widget says:

    I have the before school duty but today did extra as a leader……..no one was wearing the orange vests except ME!

  4. Jan says:

    Smokers? Nothing. I was not the unfortunate one on playground duty who found four feet poking out from under the long disused incinerator. Yep, you guessed right. Our resident pinup girl was sharing her favours with a Year 12 boy. She’s d been found the swimming carnival before posing topless for photos behind the dressing sheds.

    Nor was I the unfortunate English/History master who broke up a fight between two girls in canteen area and was badly bitten for his troubles.

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