Quilting Bee blocks starting to come in.

**I couldn’t post photos to the forum page in the Melbourne Modern Quilts, so I’ve posted this here and I’ll pop back and post a link for any Bee participants who want to see what others have done. Now that I’ve seen these two, I’m really looking forward to tackling the two I have to make!**


The blocks for my turn in the quilting bee are beginning to come in. This one arrived on Friday from Alissa.

Remember when I had all of the piles of cut-up fabric and batting? Here’s the result.

I basically built the colour scheme around the central square of the button fabric, using a couple of fabrics that I bought at the same time as the button fabric and the rest from my stash.


See the straight line stitching over the blocks? This is because I asked everyone to do blocks in the ‘Quilt As You Go’ style, which means that instead of just sewing pieces of fabric together, then stitching the blocks to a massive piece of batting and backing; you actually stitch the pieces of fabric onto a square of batting as you go. Then you sew the squares of batting together and your quilt is pretty much done. Detailed instructions here.

It means that you can use up those odd strips of batting that are left over from making quilts (because I’m telling you people… batting is expensive!!) and it’s easier than wrestling a huge quilt through the sewing machine to quilt.

(Actually, that’s what I’m planning to do this week with a couple of other quilts. Mr Darcy is oiled up and ready to start wrestling. Babybaby!)

This quilt is essentially a scrap quilt, with the added bonus that the batting is scraps too. (I used two different sorts of cotton batting, so we’ll see how it turns out. I’m sure it’ll be fine.)

Forgot to say that the second photo is Marg’s block. I said in my spiel of instructions that I didn’t mind if people added fabric, as long as it tied in with the button fabric in the centre of the block and she took me up on that. Thankfully she has a good eye and it looks great. I also said that I didn’t care how wide/narrow the log cabin strips of colour were, and as you can see even with only two samples so far they’re being cut to different widths, which will add to the general fun and scrappiness of the quilt as a whole.

I’m looking forward to sewing this one up!

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