All four of them.

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6 Responses to Mancold.

  1. Urspo says:

    this must be that satanic ‘socialized medicine’ the American conservatives are always mentioning us not to consider!?

  2. Jayne says:

    Buy up big in oranges – Fruit Barn in Atherton Rd, Oakleigh has bags going out for $1.
    Or make chilli vegie soup.

  3. river says:

    Pack your bags and get out. Leave them to it. Disinfect the entire house before you move back in.
    You can stay with me, I have chocolate.

  4. Nooooo! Why couldn’t they get this during the school holidays when you could have run away with the cats, chooks and doglets (making Bertie an honourary female) – or, even better, have farmed the sons out to stay with their friends and/or other family members .

    Dear Frogdancer doesn’t even get a break at work as it too is likely to be packed with flu-ridden teenagers.

    I sincerely hope that you saved the most luscious treats from your weekly bakery visit for your own self – coz flu ridden males will have little sense of taste (this is my own very important taste and food theory) so these would have been completely wasted on your lads!!!

    Sending flu-free care and huggles, Michelle and Zebby Cat down in Wellington, NZ

  5. It’s an established scientific fact (see that Men do suffer more from colds and flu than do Women.

    Offer sympathy, make plenty of nourishing chicken soup, give the adults cuddles and hot toddies.

    We’re not well you know.

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