Mid-winter raspberries from the garden. What a lovely surprise!


Another teacher at work has a son who used 6 bales of hay for a photo shoot. He then kindly dumped them at his mother’s because he thought she might like them for the garden.


She’s giving them to me, one by one, for the chooks. At the end of the day we go down to the carpark, like a drug deal only with straw, and make the transaction.


Look at what I’ve got in the garden!! It’s huge!!!

Well, not really. It’s a 4,500l tank, which is the largest that we could fit down our narrow driveway. If we went any bigger we’d be hiring a crane to lift it over the house and I’m not that keen on my garden.


It’s going to nestle tastefully under the fig tree in the unused space by the back fence. On Saturday my heroic friend Mick came over and started the digging. The water will be harvested from the garage roof which is on the other side of the yard, so trenches, pipes, gravity feed and pumps are involved. It’s all very technical but he’s assured me that he knows what he’s doing. So what with the solar panels, the water tank and the raised garden beds, this is turning into the Year of the Projects.


I’d better get a move on with this one. We assembled two of these in the holidays and they’re still empty.

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10 Responses to Projects.

  1. Katrina says:

    It’s coming along in leaps and bounds…..drooling over your tank

  2. Frogdancer says:

    You must be very tall.

  3. Bev says:

    It’s looking good!! Love the chooks on the bales.

    Why not spread a couple of those haybales in the wicking bed and top with mushroom compost. Means you can get started with a smallish outlay on compost and add more as the straw rots down and the level sinks. I did that with my box using shrub prunings to half fill the box + compost on top. It’s all rotted now and the level has dropped, but I got a crop out of the box and in the meantime I made more compost to top up. Just a thought.

  4. river says:

    A year from now you’ll be almost totally self-sufficient. Well done!!

  5. Widget says:

    Those boxes look amazing….especially the screws!

  6. Fairlie says:

    Those raspberries look delicious!

    I love the idea of the hay-bale exchange done in the carpark…

  7. I like the tank.

    It would make a great time-out room for our more disturbed pupils…and teachers.

  8. Ellen says:

    With all the new introductions to your garden you are a model of self-sufficiency. I bet your garden will be amazing next summer.

  9. Scott says:

    You crazy lady. Can you make raspberry soap?

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