I had to take the day off on Wednesday to take David2 to a seminar in Thornbury…miles away!!!!!… so I took the chance to visit Ceres. Ceres is located on the other side of the city so there’s that psychological barrier of just popping in, because it’s MILES away….

p1010166As luck would have it, it was market day. I sat and knitted in the sun, drinking a pot of peppermint tea and listening to the jazz trio. It was lovely. I was surrounded by hippies.

The most well-heeled inner-city hippies I’ve ever seen. My lunch cost $10. I was financially outraged.

p1010168However, I will state for the record that it was delicious, especially the caramelised onions. I didn’t buy any fruit and veggies but I bought some nettle tea, a handful of chickpeas to grow and a thornless blackberry, a Lemonade tree and a dwarf Valencia orange. I think I’ll plant the citrus in the chook pen, though at the moment they’re on my deck and I’m liking the look of it. Maybe I’ll buy a huge pot and leave the dwarf orange there instead?

p1010175I was there for a good three hours. After I finished knitting the fingerless glove for David2 I wandered around looking at all the allotments and the general garden beds. It was calm and peaceful, right in the heart of the city.

p1010180There were lots of preschool kids racing around but they were making happy noises, so it was ok. I saw three different school groups while I was there, learning about sustainable energy and how to grow things. It was nice.

p1010187There was also a dog. He was waiting outside the nursery. He had a friendly face.

p1010176I particularly liked the way they had chooks in with the fruit trees.

(But charging $10 a dozen for organic eggs??? REALLY???)

Sorry. I approve of organic food, but I don’t like having to lean back and assume the position when I buy something. Anyway, moving on…


This family was picking weeds and poking them through the wire to feed the chickens, which was a great thrill for their little girl. The “chook barrier” at the trunk of the lemon tree was a great thrill for me…. I’m doing things right!!!


On the way out I passed through the nursery. That’s where I picked up the trees and the blackberry.

I had a beautiful few hours there. It was peaceful and serene; I could feel my brain waves unravelling and becoming ordered and calm. I kept looking at my watch and thinking, “I’d be in year 8 English now!” and giggling like a maniac. Even when I wouldn’t have been in the classroom I would have been at my desk, totally missing out on the brilliant winter sunshine. Ceres is a brilliant place. I just wish we had something like it on our side of the city.

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8 Responses to Ceres

  1. Bev says:

    Lucky you! I’d love to see it, but to have to drive through the city boggles the mind!

    If we had an enterprising person on this side of the city we COULD have one here.

    (Er…..how long before you retire from teaching?)

  2. Urspo says:

    While in Ceres, did you

  3. river says:

    Chickpeas? You’re going to grow your own chickpeas? Well done. I’d like to know how to grow sesame seeds. I love them. They’re seeds, so clearly they come from some type of plant. But which plant? Where would I get one? How would I grow it? I’ve been asking these questions for years and no-one seems to have any answers for me. Where do sesame seeds come from?

  4. Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely trip. Just what I needed this morning.

  5. Catherine says:

    Lucky you to visit Ceres. I’m in shock though at the price of those eggs. $10 for a dozen!!!!!!! and yes I read that part of your post twice thinking I had misread it. At that price I would want the eggs to be the size of emu eggs. Lunch looks divine though.

  6. andi says:

    I was there last week with Jake’s Grade 2 class learning about indigenous culture.
    It truly is a wonderful place!!
    Have you even been to the Kingfisher Festival there?
    I used to go in my 20’s. It’s great fun!!

  7. Stompergirl says:

    We used to hang out at Ceres a bit when the kids were little. However, when the question came up at the local trivia night on Saturday “what does the acronym CERES stand for?” I could not for the life of me remember.

    Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies.


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