Projects and chickens #1


Messy, isn’t it? But it’s a productive mess.


Last weekend I chivvied the boys out and they put together the rest of the raised garden beds.


One of this weekend’s jobs will be to fill them, at least with the flocells and sand. Pity the forecast says rain…


Look at THIS beast!! Mick has worked his proverbial off to get it to the stage where (today) we see if all the pipes connect together successfully and the tank will fill.

It’s been a huge job, with pipes dug in from one side of the backyard then back again.


I want to add more photos to this post but I can’t. I was copying and pasting photos from FLIKR but all of a sudden as of a week ago they won’t let me do that any more. (The link to blog button doesn’t work if you have a self hosted blog.) My computer won’t let me upload any more photos to this post (plus they’re TINY) and  consequently I’m not feeling very pleased with technology right now. I’ll be back with another post, I suppose. What a drag.
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One Response to Projects and chickens #1

  1. Ellen says:

    The water-tank looks amazing and from the photo appears to have assumed its rightful spot in your garden, and has the look of always having been there. Spooky when that happens, but in a good way.

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