Skinflint Sunday: Don’t pay gym memberships! Make a wicking bed!

Yesterday was a busy day in the garden here. I decided to FINALLY put together the wicking beds.

Remember when I said that I wasn’t happy with the materials they’d sent me? On Wednesday I went down and had a word to them. I was a bit nervous about going to see them, because I hate confrontation, but they couldn’t have been nicer. I drove home, loaded to the gills with more plastic and geotextile (they even let me keep the old stuff) so I was ready to get started! August is seed starting month for a lot of plants, so my time for faffing around is running out.

Here is where I was wrapping the flocells with the geotextile.

Do you know how many buckets of sand it takes to cover the flocells in a 3m long garden bed?

Well, I don’t know either but it’s a lot.

Do you know how many previously underused muscles it takes to do this task?

Many. Many many muscles.

Here’s my ingenious method of attaching the filler-upperer pipe to the flocells. Works a treat.

Here was when I was testing it out. It all seemed to work as it should, so I danced a little jig.

I haven’t bought the soil for the beds yet, so I covered the sand with straw to keep the water in. Then I packed up and went to the staff function… a river cruise and then dinner and dancing at the Richmond boat sheds.

This last shot is of the ‘lollies’ I give my chooks. I mix black sunflower seeds with cracked corn (because the corn is cheaper so it goes further) and the chooks love it. Yesterday I planted some of the sunflower seeds around the plum trees and in a pot that has a few stray onions in it. I figure that if I’m lucky I’ll get sunflower seeds for the gerls for free, and if nothing happens then it doesn’t matter.

Today is more seed planting and the August meeting of the gardening club. Life is pretty damned fine at the moment!

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8 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Don’t pay gym memberships! Make a wicking bed!

  1. river says:

    The beds look great so far. I can’t wait to see them filled with green growing things.

  2. sondra says:

    Hey stranger! How have you been? I have never heard of a wicking bed but it sure looks like hard work lol. Hey, I was wondering if you are still knitting the little tomato hats. We have a new baby in the family and I would love to get one.

  3. Bev says:

    What do the flocells actually DO in this method?

    I notice the sunflower seeds still have the husk on. Would they eat the unhulled ones like you buy in the supermarket?

    Where do you buy that stuff?

  4. Catherine says:

    Well done on getting the bed nearly set up. I’m glad the company did the right thing and were nice about it. I hate that kind of situation too. My baths are in place but still have to be set up…sigh.

  5. I didn’t understand half of that… but that is OK I don’t ‘do’ gardening anyway.

    I intend to have people to do that.

    when my bank account reflects my arrogance.


  6. fifi says:

    Yes, what are these things?
    when I made my permaculture garden I seemed to be ding a lot of that type of thing but without flocells and geofabric..and pipes…you’ll have to explain for the dumbasses like me, I think I would like to have one of those things!

  7. Shane says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Just think about the plants you are going to be growing as a result. What do they say again… No pain no gain…

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