Less than an hour of daylight.


I had a meeting after work today so I had a limited window of opportunity to get Things Done when I got home. I debated whether to get a little wicking bed put together or whether to plant some seeds. I decided to go with the seeds because they need the time to germinate. And Spring is galloping towards us!!!

Peppermint, marigold, nasturtium, basil, pumpkin and lots of different tomatoes whose seeds I saved earlier this year.


Remember how I was whingeing about how I’d dried and saved Tommy Toe seeds, only to have Gardening Australia tell me I had to ferment them so I was doing it all wrong? Here they are, planted side by side. The Gardening Australia seeds and the ordinary old “dry ’em then plant ’em” seeds. I’m interested to see if there’s any difference in the rate of germination. I’ve put 16 seeds in each punnet, so if they all grow I’ll have LOTS to tomato plants to give away!


The overwintered basil is still going strong.

Dinner was a little late last night, but at least my seeds are in! Priorities, people.

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6 Responses to Less than an hour of daylight.

  1. Catherine says:

    I have never fermented my tomatoe seeds and they always come up including the ones that are self sown. It will be interesting to see what happens with yours.

  2. Jayne says:

    Giving toms a miss this year, last years humidity squelched my desire for them.
    Rhubarb and broad beans are jumping about madly in the pots 🙂

  3. river says:

    I hope everything grows for you. Every single seed!

  4. Barb. says:

    Yep, it’s that time of year and if you don’t get the seeds going there won’t be anything to feed them anyway.
    I have never fermented any seeds. I just bung ’em in and hope for the best.


  5. Ellen says:

    Great time management – all in the name of science. I hope you can remember which tray is which when the seeds start to sprout (I know what I’m like).

  6. Beet says:

    Seedlings are on my ‘todo’ list for this weekend

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