Thanks (and another anecdote about the youngest.)

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for yesterday. It was fantastic. Sadly, it wasn’t one of my more stellar birthdays.

First off, I had to work. A 6-on day, which means no spare periods to relax. My birthday wasn’t put on the staff bulletin which meant that no one at work knew. During the day I had to race off at lunchtime to take one of the boys to have an ultrasound. (All’s ok.) Then after school I tutored a kid for an hour, then went to the bread shop to get the stale bread like I do every Tuesday… came home, ate pies from the shop then went to the school’s annual Winter concert. I’m a year 8 form teacher so I had to sit with all of the year 7s and 8s going “Sssshhhhh” till nearly 11PM.


Still, if you don’t have a mediocre birthday every now and then, how would you appreciate the good ones? And there were a few nice moments… Evan4 coming into my room with a lit birthday cake candle in his hand and my present in the other… my sister ringing up for another reason entirely and then saying “Ohhhh” when I said it was my birthday… my students saying, Happy bithday F-dawg!” and singing the birthday song to me…

Another funny thing happened today. Evan4 has gone on the year 9 camp for 3 days to Kyneton (can you imagine how cold that’ll be??!?). I drove him to school and as he was getting out of the car I looked at him properly for the first time that morning and saw how he was dressed.

“Why are you in school uniform?” I asked. He was there in his school tie, little grey shorts, white business shirt and school jumper. The front of the school was a seething mass of 250 year 9s in casual clothes.

“My friends dared me that I wouldn’t wear this, so I am!” He tossed his dreads and said goodbye.

He waited to cross the road. From the car I could see the other kids.. how first a few heads, then more and more turned to watch him. It was hilarious. His friends were practically rolling on the ground. It was a beautiful moment.

I love the way that he simply doesn’t care what other people think.

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3 Responses to Thanks (and another anecdote about the youngest.)

  1. Widget says:

    So pleased that all is ok. Didn’t want to ask in person but pleased to read it!

  2. river says:

    Ha Ha! I think I love Evan. It’s very liberating to not care what others think.
    Next year write your birthday in the staff room in BIG letters, along with your favourite cake flavour.

  3. Well done Evan! And belated Best-ests for your birthday – was also my sister’s birthday. She has been based in London now for 25 years – half her life so she was having one of those “O” birthdays (she will celebrate with a long weekend in Berlin with her Pete).

    I hope you get some happy celebrations this weekend, just for you and just as you like and really want.

    Michelle (and Zebby Cat) across the ditch, xxxxx plus LOUD puRRRRRRRumbles

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