Busy doing manly things.


This weekend’s job was to finally finish the wicking beds so that they can be planted. Saturday I was doing the manly job of putting up trellises and surrounding the outside of the boxes with little wire fences so that the chooks won’t be able to decimate my plantings. (Fingers crossed.)


On Sunday I had a brilliant idea. I took the bean teepee idea I saw last year on foodnstuff’s blog and decided to use the beans as shade for my lettuces, strawberries and the like.

The wicking bed by the garage is in shade over winter but gets afternoon sun in summer. My cunning plan is to let the plants grow now, while they’re in shade. Meanwhile, I’ve planted some purple climbing beans I was given by foodnstuff (don’t you love symmetry like that?) beside the sticks I salvaged from the prunings Mick did of the fig tree. They’ll grow up the sticks, across the string I’ve strung up to the trellis… thus providing shade for the plants that need it, while the beans will get all the sun they want as they grow up the trellis. They’re in a wicking bed so they won’t dry out…. PURE GENIUS. (if it works.)


I was determined to use the prunings, so I was selecting long, straight sticks. However, it’s a 3m long bed, so as time went on my selection criteria became somewhat compromised:

They’ll be fine. Just a bit wonkier than the other end of the bed.

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5 Responses to Busy doing manly things.

  1. river says:

    I’ve seen that bean teepee idea before and always wanted to try it. I’ll be very interested now in future posts and pics to see how it works out.
    You may find your wicking beds growing many small fig trees from the prunings. Then you can trade those for other plants!

  2. simon says:

    So funny as always – mind you I do need to touch my fabric again… been too busy with our block of late…


  3. Bev says:

    That is one humungous wicking bed! You’ll feed the whole street out of that.

  4. The wicking beds are looking wonderful. Here’s hoping the wire mesh, fig branches and string not only have the plants growing how you want and keep the chookies away, but also discourage your gorgeous Maris and Daphne from using the beds as snoozle spots.

    Happy fruit and veggie growing, Michelle and a sleeping (hooray) Zebby Cat

  5. Ellen says:

    The adapted wicking bed sounds like a very good idea and looks very purposeful. I am sure the fig branches will add wisdom and character.

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