Blog comments are very helpful.


Look at this!

Trash’s comment yesterday had me doing a google search, which led me (eventually) right back to Gardening Australia. I’m all enthused about doing this with my freezer. It’s already de-gassed… that’s why it didn’t work in the first place… so I’m thinking this is the best way to go. Though Scott’s suggestion to use it as a coffin had a certain macabre appeal.

The photo of the pretty little white flowers is from a plant I bought on Thursday when I was killing time at Ceres. When we were at Foodnstuff’s garden, she had these native shrubs that were absolutely seething with bees. I really liked the look of both the flowers and the bees so I asked her what they were. She told me the botanical name but it’s much easier to remember the “normal” name: Flowergirl. I was rapt to see them in the nursery at Ceres, as well as some other plants very similar, so I snapped them up. The plan is to plant them near the apples. Imagine how many bees they’ll attract!


I also went out on a limb and bought a boronia. The fragrance of boronia is to die for, so I’m hoping that I don’t kill this one like the one I bought a decade or so ago. Maybe I’ll plant this near the clothesline so it’ll stay dry and it can make our sheets all boronia-scented…


Look at this! Bergamot! Home=made Earl Grey tea, anyone?


Here’s some more little Flowergirl-like plants. These ones are dwarf ones (a bit like Tyrion in Game of Thrones, but more attractive. Anyone else reading that series?) but I think they’ll still be useful pollinators. I have no idea where they’ll go, but I suppose in the fullness of time an idea will germinate. It’s the holidays now, so I have 2 full weeks of ME time.
Except for when I have to mark the year 12 practice exams in the last part of the holidays, but with only 9 students in my class this year, that shouldn’t take long.

Still very excited about the worm farm idea. I know how to live life on the edge, baby.

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5 Responses to Blog comments are very helpful.

  1. Bev says:

    Just to set the record straight (because I’m a botanist and we like our records straight), ‘Flower Girl’ is a selected form of Philotheca myoporoides (formerly Eriostemon myoporoides) and the prostrate species is Philotheca buxifolius (formerly Eriostemon buxifolius). Some botanists do nothing but make name changes. Others, like me, curse them.

    I knew you’d want to know all that.

    Good luck with the boronia. I kill them too.

    Oh, and the plant names should be in italics, but your comments box repels at the idea.

    I knew you’d want to know that, too.

  2. trash says:

    You are welcome 🙂

    I love boronia and have it on my wishlist if I could possibly ever grow it here in the UK. The two main contraindications for that are a) the damp soggy climate and b) my innate inability to garden successfully.

    I satisfy myself with Boronia essental oil.

  3. river says:

    A freezer sized worm farm is a great idea! When the fridge dies, you can put that next to it and have a huge goldfish pond too.
    I was going to ask for the botanical name of the Flowergirl, but a commenter above me has given it, thanks Bev.
    I’ve never been able to grow Boronia, good luck with that.

  4. jodie says:

    Enjoy those holidays-they are well deserved.

  5. paige says:

    Beautiful flowers! And I have a freezer that’s on it’s last leg…so I’m now pondering…

    And Game of Thrones; I am in love with that series. I’ve read up to the newest, Dance with Dragons, which is currently in my oldest boy’s possession. I have nagged him so much about finishing it that he went and bought me two books so I would leave him in peace while he reads.

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