Skinflint Sunday: Entertainment for the whole family (well.. 2 of us) on the cheap.

A while ago I tried planting seedlings in toilet rolls and I asked the boys to save them for me. When I found that the plant-them-in toilet-rolls-and-put-them-straight-into-the-garden idea actually held the plants back, I stopped saving the rolls.
Or so I thought.
A month or two ago I opened the bottom drawer in the bathroom and found it chock full of empty toilet rolls. It seems that Evan4 missed the memo, so he’s been conscientiously saving them all year. I said he didn’t have to do it anymore, threw the rolls into the worm farm and that was that.
Or so I thought.
I began to find empty toilet rolls placed on top of the very high window in the bathroom. First one side, then another.
Then after a while, they began to pop up in other places.

Unexpectedly on top of the bin. At least it was easy to get rid of!

Then a few days later he started to get a little creative.

In with the stash of bathroom products under the sink. This was starting to get amusing.

A few days later I opened the mirrored door to get ready to work and there it was.

In amongst the old towels made into cleaning cloths.


I have no idea how long this one was waiting patiently to be found. We hardly ever use this drawer.

A week or so layer I came into the bathroom to find this.


He said it took a bit of wrangling to get this onto the soap dispenser without breaking it. It’s attention to detail like this that makes a true craftsman.


So far this has been his best effort. He was home sick, so rigged this up during the day. It was after dark when I walked into the bathroom. Apparently it scared the living daylights out of Tom1 earlier in the day!

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last one, so I think the fun has worn off for him. Still, it’s given me a laugh. I love having kids!

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7 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: Entertainment for the whole family (well.. 2 of us) on the cheap.

  1. Bev says:

    Brilliant. I loved it! You are certainly lucky! I’d even swap some of my asparagus for a kid like that!

  2. persiflage says:

    The ways of the male mind are amazing.

  3. anne says:

    Very funny……maybe you need to start up the
    toilet roll parade with him and hide it amongst his things. Thank you for the smile.

  4. victoria says:

    That is so great!! I have seen a Christmas tree made of toilet rolls, very effective.

  5. Too funny! Have the chaps make napkin rings. They’ll get the memo very quickly. 🙂

  6. Ellen says:

    He is very a very witty young man! The toilet roll show could run and run.

  7. Gwen says:

    This post is soo funny! It reminds me of when I worked at a restaurant where we split tips and if someone went home early, we’d put their tips in the oddest places (frozen blocks of ice, shoved into straws, etc) to make them work for it. Love your boy’s ingenuity!

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