The Great Pumpkin Experiment of 2011.

Last year I tried to grow pumpkins in my front yard. I planted a couple of butternuts and a couple of weird tiny ones in different spots. I harvested ONE… only as big as my palm. I think that the soil in the front yard wasn’t exactly full of meaty goodness. So this year I’m trying something different.

I found two old recycling bins at a garage sale and picked them up for $3 each. Bargain! I filled them with the compost that I bought for the wicking beds… (the excess pile is slowly decreasing….) and put 3 pumpkin plants in each. As you can see, I placed them strategically near the lavender.

This is the bin with the three “good” plants in it.

This is the one with the dodgy plant that might’ve gotten eaten by snails because I forgot to put snail bait down last night. Oh well!

I figure that they’ll get the benefit of all the sun, all the space they’ll want to run rampant all over the place (oh how I envy them!) and the compost will give them the nourishment they need. The bees in the lavender can sex them up real good (because I’m never organised in the morning to pollinate them myself) and so this experiment is yet another stroke of genius on my behalf.

Of course, it’s understood that if yet another dismal harvest eventuates…. then it’s not because I’m not a genius… it’s because of global warming/el nina/I broke a mirror.

And here is a picture of the ginger I planted. Gorgeous, isn’t it?
Just in case you’re having trouble spotting it, it’s totally underground in the black plastic pot with a couple of rose leaves on it.
Mum loves ginger, so I thought I’d have a crack at it. The accompanying literature said that it likes shade, so I’ve put it on the front porch with my herbs, so it’ll get morning sun but then be in shade after lunch. It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of it.

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5 Responses to The Great Pumpkin Experiment of 2011.

  1. river says:

    I hope your pumpkins and ginger grow. You’ll need both to make my sweet potato/pumpkin soup next winter. Butternuts are best, you planted those, right?

  2. persiflage says:

    Good luck with the ginger. I planted some which had started sprouting, but so far there has been no crop. I have no idea how long it takes to get edible and harvestible (?) results.
    I have a cardamon plant which looks attractive, but I have no idea what it does and when I might expect some benefit thereof. I live in hopes.
    It is the duty of the plant rather than that of the gardener to organise the pollination. what do they think they are for, I ask?

  3. Barb. says:

    I have had no luck with any Ginger but will keep trying. And I need to get Pumpkins growing too, I’m thinking up a challenge for myself.
    Good luck with yours.


  4. Ellen says:

    May you be blessed with many pumpkins – it all looks very promising (except for the dodgy one).

    ps – I loved the teddy bear quilt. It took great skill to match all those little squares into straight lines and the effect is stunning. And how special that all past quilt fabrics have a place in this quilt too. Enjoy snuggling up in it.

  5. Liz says:

    I grew some ginger last year and have left it in for this year but so far it has yet to come up. I’ve planted more just in case. It likes lots of water and food – I think preferably more than I gave mine last year. I too have mine in a glamourous black plastic pot.

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