It all started out so well. Grow some food. Eat it. Plant some trees. Put together some wicking beds. Fill them with compost. Grow food from seed.
What could go wrong?


See this row of happy beans? I grew them from seeds I kept from a punnet of beans from Bunnings. They’re The Bunnings Beans.

Now have a look when I place one next to a bean I bought from Ceres and put in my brand-spanking new wicking bed filled with compost.

One of these beans is greener than the other. Also, see the yellowed radish to the side? Grrrargh!!*$%^#

After a bit of sleuthing on the net, I think it’s a nitrogen deficiency.

I have some aged manure in bags here (who doesn’t, after all…) so I guess I’ll have to take off the mulch, spread the manure around, then put the mulch back on. Just the job for a windy day like today…

I’m SO peed-off. I spent about $150 for this compost and it’s starving my plants. I filled 9m of wicking beds with this stuff…. AS WELL AS many pots and seedling trays… not to mention the Great Pumpkin Experiment pots (one of which has already hastily had some coffee grounds mixed in at the top to hopefully add some nitrogen. The manky pumpkin may have a chance at life!) Now what’ll probably happen is a less-than-ideal harvest this year as I slowly build up the soil. I could’ve done that in my front yard with much less expense and building skillz.

I hate gardening. With a passion.


Though I did feel good about planting 10 asparagus crowns in the bed that the asparagus seeds did nothing in. I ordered them from Green Harvest on a Saturday and they were here on the Tuesday. From Queensland! That service leaves Diggers for dead. That made me happy.

Though now I look at this photo I remember that I filled all of the potato bags with the compost. As well as the ginger and the jerusalem artichokes that I ordered with the asparagus.

Yep! That does it. I’m back to hating gardening again…

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9 Responses to Arghhh!

  1. river says:

    I’ve never filled pots or tubs with only compost, I’ve always used a mix of compost and cow manure with fortnightly additions of dynamic lifter “tea”. Except for carrots, which don’t like a lot of extra nutrients. Then they never grew well anyway, no matter what I tried.
    Your soil might also need magnesium, epsom salts is a good way to add this. Speak to some of the Italian gardeners in your area, find out what they do in their gardens.

  2. Catherine says:

    Just had an “aha” moment after seeing your beans. My beds are filled with “compost” from the sand supply place and my beans are yellow too. I had watered them with worm tea but might have to take more drastic measures. Isn’t human urine rich in nitrogen? Just looked it up. This article says to withhold it for two weeks before harvesting food – so a quick burst/pee now might do the trick . Worth a try and I won’t tell anyone you are peeing in a bucket if you won’t…vbg. Hope this helps.

  3. Fairlie says:

    I love the idea of ‘aged manure’ – which vintage year is it?

  4. Hi there,

    Nitrogen deficiency looks likely but that doesn’t mean there’s not enough nitrogen there atm. Before you go too wild with nitrogenous fertilisers I would suggest you do a PH test. I have heard numerous people recently report that they have had composts and soils delivered that are at the wrong PH and that of course will lock up certain nutrients depending on the range.

    Kind Regards

  5. Barb. says:

    Instead of you being “peed-off” get your plants *peed on* It will add some nitrogen.

    Husband once bought a small truckload of garden soil. It is not very good either and I have to keep feeding it to get stuff to grow.

    Maybe you need to try making up some liquid teas for all your garden area.

    And you know you don’t really hate gardening, lol, you love it. I can tell by all the work you are doing to get things growing.


  6. Bev says:

    Agree with the others. Try some pee. Get the boys to pee into a bucket for a day. Dilute 1:10 with water and water on. See if things green up. Human urine, from a healthy person is sterile. No need to withhold before harvesting. Anyway I presume things get well washed before eating.

    Also get a pH test kit from Bunnings and test the pH of the compost. That may also be a problem.

    It’s a good idea, before you buy large loads of any soil or compost, to just buy a little bit and try it first. Check pH and grow something quick, like radish, and see what happens.

  7. Liesel says:

    Seasol applied weekly would help a lot. Fixes almost everything, diseases, deficiencies, stress from soccer balls to the main branches…

  8. Ellen says:

    What a pain! Apparently, male urine is a strong deterrent to foxes, so if your sons are up for the crack and don’t think you have totally lost it(!), it could be a win-win solution for the chooks too.
    Good luck:)

  9. Katrina says:

    Most composts you buy, especially in bulk, are not really proper compost, they are usually deficient in lots of stuff….to be honest the only compost that is usually any good is the stuff you make yourself or if you only need a small lot and it’s the expensive bag one….Seasol added weekly will help most things….usually need one of the slow release fertiliser pellets/balls added into anything that has been planted (oh and don’t think I know it all….this is from my dad who has been growing stuff for years) his comment also was that most of the time you buy so called compost it’s usually just straight soil they have got from somewhere and are really lying about what it is

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