Dress-up Day 2011

2011 ESL

In most Aussie schools the last day of year 12 is something called “Muck-up Day”, where kids run around throwing flour bombs, playing practical jokes and generally causing mayhem. We don’t do this at our school.

Instead, we let the kids have a day where they dress up as something/someone beginning with the same letter as their initial; they have a year 12 assembly where the whole school watches a show they put together and they spend their very last day getting their uniforms signed by friends and teachers. Next week we have a Valedictory dinner at Caulfield racecourse where the parents, kids and teachers get together for a night of “well-manered frivolity”, to steal the immortal words of Minerva Mcgonagal.

Zorro (Yiran) and I

Yiran Z came as Zorro. She’s such a lovely girl.


Razi came as a rabbi. He’s a very definite athiest, so his choice of costume was very funny.


His hat wasn’t really made for 28C weather, but he soldiered on.

Stephi came as a sumo wrestler. She comes to school on the train, and she said it was very funny to see the sidewise glances of her fellow travellers.

“No one wants to appear as if they’re looking, Miss,” she said. “They were all sneaking glances when they thought I couldn’t see them.”


Legolas and Bert dropped in to say hi. I taught Legolas in year 10.


I’m not sure what Bowen was meant to be, but I said to him that if I was walking down a dark street in the middle of the night and I saw him coming towards me, I’d need a change of underwear!


I really like this photo. Yiran from China and Stephi from Mauritius. This class also has kids from South Korea, Israel, Japan and the Philipines. They have a week of swat vac and then on Wednesday next week they start their final exams. Poor babies!
This Panda is nicknamed “The Machine” in this class. He writes practice essays nearly every night.
After lunch I was showing my year 8s ‘Bend It Like Beckham”. There was a knock at the door…


So much more fun than enduring mindless pranks all day!

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6 Responses to Dress-up Day 2011

  1. Mary says:

    what a great idea – so much more inventive and entertaining than the usual stuff – and the kids seem to have taken a great deal of care in choosing their outfits.

  2. river says:

    Looks like you’ve been a great influence on a good bunch of kids!
    Hope they all do well in their exams.

  3. WOW! They really got into it, didn’t they?!!! I think that’s great!

  4. Catherine says:

    The kids look fantastic. What a effort they all put in. Our dress up day was months ago and we don’t have a muck up day either. Instead its a big year 12 party on the last day of school, then a night at the pub with the teachers the next night. No valedictory party either – it’s a graduation party – black tie…..ewwww….. then it’s all over. Best of luck to all all your students for their exams…I hope they all do really well. It’s hotting up around here too. One week to go before school finishes then exams start. One more month (or there abouts) and the stress will be over. Well until results come out.

  5. isabelle says:

    The Panda costume looks rather cosy!

  6. Edwina says:

    That looks like great fun. You wouldn’t be the first woman to lose her head over Zorro. Your foreign exchange students (if that’s what they are) will have life-long memories of the end of their school days. Come to think of it, all of them will – foreign exchange or not.

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