Sunk in gloom.

Yesterday was a bad day. When I was at home with the kids and anything went badly wrong I’d have what I called “doona days”… where you spend odd bits of time in bed, hiding under the doona and snoozing. Then after a day or so of doing this, I’d leap up from bed, refreshed and energised and ready to tackle whatever was going on.

You can’t do this when you’re teaching.

So I came home and glumped around the house and garden. I only saw what was wrong. The wicking beds. (Obviously.) The pots I haven’t yet repotted. The dogs’ ears that need grooming. My messy kitchen. On and on it went. I had a quick lie down before dinner but my heart wasn’t in it. (I couldn’t even do THAT right!)

After dinner Evan4 graciously let me use the computer; (I think he just wanted to get away from the aura of woe that was surrounding me); and I read a few blogs. answered a few comments and then decided to listen to a podcast I’d saved. It was by Linda Woodrow, who wrote the Permaculture book that I adore.

She was talking about what it was like to live in Cuba during the Special Period, when their version of Peak Oil hit. It was fascinating, but also a little scary. It’s worth listening to, especially for the list of things that Cubans said they would’ve made sure they’d had, if they’d been given a crystal ball about what was going to hit them. I’m doing all of them, except the bike riding. Things aren’t THAT drastic, after all! I finished the podcast feeling much better about things.

Here it is. Well worth listening to, especially if you’ve ever wondered what would change during peak oil, and what would remain the same.

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3 Responses to Sunk in gloom.

  1. Barb. says:

    I don’t really understand much about ph of dirt but we did test ours when I wanted to grow Blueberries.
    Yours sounds like it is so wrong that I’m very surprised that they were selling it as compost. Have you spoken to the seller yet? I think you should ask for a refund.

    I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better but it should not have gotten to that stage. But you now know the problem, you know how to fix it…and all the extra work you need to do will make up for you not riding a bike!

    Lots of happy good luck vibes being sent your way.


  2. Bev says:

    Thanks for the link to Linda’s talk. I’ll listen later. And double thanks, because through it I found her blog which I wasn’t aware of. Lots to read there!

    There’s also a video on Cuba’s special period. I got it out of our library, but someone’s sure to have uploaded it to YouTube by now.

  3. river says:

    I love Linda’s book! I read it often when I dreamed of having a yard big enough to plant things and have chooks.
    I love doona days too.

    @Bev; Linda has a blog??? Gotta find it.

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