Public holidays are not at all bad.

Sometimes the brilliant ideas are the simplest. Earlier this year I bought some expensive potato grow bags from Diggers. They’re working a treat but I didn’t want to buy any more. Then 5 minutes ago I read this. I’ll never throw out a chook feed bag again.
Remember the lavender goats milk soap I mentioned that I was rebatching? I came home from work yesterday and after a revivifying nanna nap out on the back steps in the sun I went inside and threw the soap into the slow cooker to melt down. Then I forgot about it till bedtime. Clearly I wasn’t going to stay up and muck around with the soap then, so I put it on “stay warm” and nodded off. (In bed, not by the slow cooker.)
This morning it was all melty and ready to go, so I put it into the wooden soap mould that Tom1 thoughtfully purchased for me as a gift. (No, it didn’t have the port in it!) I also put some leftover blocks of purple and green soap that I had left over from soap making earlier this year, so now it’s a waiting game to see how it all turns out. Because I put it in the slow cooker and it was heated for hours, it’s probably ‘hot process’ soap as opposed to the regular ‘cold process’ method I use, so it might be ready earlier. Anyway, I’ll wait and see how it pans out.

Today is a public holiday in Melbourne due to a horse race. I have #20 in the $1 sweep at work… yes, I gamble to the limits of my willingness to lose…. and I’m about to go forth and plant up my wicking beds and regular garden beds. I want to get this done today, because the next big job is to go out and find a car. The friend who was looking for me has said that there’s no cars at the auctions in the age/price range I’m looking at, so I’d be better to go private. Disheartening, because any woman knows how much fun it is to go car shopping. But Dad’s going to want his car back soon, so station wagon hunting, here I come!

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2 Responses to Public holidays are not at all bad.

  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Froggie – try searching – just enter your selection criteria – you might get lucky – this is where I found my most recent buy and it has so far gone okay – but remember the RACV check costs about $200. Good luck for The Cup sweep.

  2. Urspo says:

    a public holiday for a horse race!!?

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