Gardening has dangers…


She looks so innocent, doesn’t she? So fluffy and sweet?

Cup Day, I was working on planting things in the raised garden beds. Daphne was standing behind me. I didn’t know.
I stepped back to admire my work and heard an eerie “hsssssssss!!!!!” Just as my mind registered that it was a cat noise and perhaps I’d better move, there was a stabbing pain in my leg.
I leapt upwrds wth all the grace of a rogue elephant doing ballet, then came down again on top of the cat. I frantically jumped up again, arms and legs flailing in all directions trying to gain some height.
Daphne shot away towards the driveway. She paused, glaring back at me as I landed and walked towards her, apologising.
You know how normally animals will forgive you when you say you’re sorry?
Not this time. If she had hands she would’ve given me the bird. Then she slid under the house. She didn’t reappear for nearly an hour. I was a bit worried that I’d really hurt her, but when I saw he jumping from thefence up onto the neighbour’s roof I knew that all I’d hurt was her dignity.


This was through jeans!
Anyway, the wicking beds are all put together again.

I planted a mix of the old plants, plus some seeds. Purple carrots, parsnips and normal carrots are the seeds of choice, so we’ll see how they go. I’ve given the old plants every chance to live, so now it’s up to them.

Now off to look for a car!

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6 Responses to Gardening has dangers…

  1. OUch! I always find it funny how a cat can say so much with just a little look.
    Garden looks good.

  2. Sal says:

    That looks nasty! Being a cat mum I too have had my fair share of nasty scratches, but that one is killer LOL

    Wicking beds looking good, a few weeks more and it will be rocking! 🙂

  3. river says:

    You wiped those scratches immediately with antiseptic I hope.
    I think your wicking beds will do exceptionally well now. Well, they ought to, with all the effort you’ve expended so far.

  4. persiflage says:

    Ouch. I hope Daphne takes more care where she puts her feet in future, not to mention her claws. Nasty scratches. Good work, it looks most impressive.
    I’d rather do some gardening than my present endeavours. and it looks as though none of the agapanthus will flower. Why not? Surely they can’t need fertiliser?

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