Food! Food! Food!

I found this on Hazel’s blog and saved it for the weekend. This video is really good and encapsulates a lot of the reasons why I grow food for my family. It’s 18 minutes long but worth the time.

After watching this, I took the camera for a quick walk around. First stop was the kitchen. Tom1 asked me a few days ago if we “could get rid of all the plants in the window.”
I explained that my west facing window was our greenhouse, so the answer was no.

Here are some Kent pumpkin seedlings that have grown from seed I saved from a supermarket pumpkin. I’m thinking about dragging a straw bale out to the front yard and planting then in that and seeing how they go. Of course, this would mean that the front yard would be (hopefully) choked with pumpkin vines, due to the Great Pumpkin Experiment being located there as well, but hey! There are worse things in this world. (Like having to walk to work, for one…)

Comfrey grown from seed, with beetroot in the next tray.


I hope my friends and family like celery. I think I was a little heavy-handed when I sprinkled the seed…

I went down to the chook run to give the gerls their pellets for the day. They’ve finally started attacking the avocado tree, but thankfully they can’t reach the higher leaves.

I popped up the roof on the ‘business end’ of the coop and found Willow hard at work. Her limping is getting worse but she still gives us an egg a day. So far this month we’ve had 18 eggs over the 4 days. Not a bad effort.
That’s from 6 hens, not just Willow!

For those curious about how the Clucker Tucker is going, here it is.

There are a couple of plants who’ve reached the danger zone, but the gerls haven’t noticed yet. Too busy attacking the avocado, I suppose.

Baby Granny Smith apples!


Remember my Lazy Housewife beans? Out of the two I had left, this one is clearly hanging on to dear life. Good!

And here’s what a chickpea seedling looks like. I have 4 or 5 that I planted from a handful of organic chickpeas I bought from Ceres. It’s going to be 30C/86F today, so I want to plant them this morning so they won’t dry out in their pots.

In other news, I think I bought a car yesterday. The mechanical report came back ok, so now I’m waiting on the auto electrician to report back on a light that’s coming on in the dashboard. It might be a $20 fuse or a $500 problem…. The car is the same sort as the one I had before, 180,000kms on the clock and is a 2002 model, so 2 years younger. It’s also a prettier colour. So maybe the horrible saga of the car hunt might be over. Fingers crossed!

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4 Responses to Food! Food! Food!

  1. Hazel says:

    Thanks for the link to my blog…that video is great, isn’t it. Did you see that some of us ‘Melbourne’, bloggers ar going to meet at Diggers’ Heronswood property in Dromana, tomorow at 11 a.m.? You would be most welcome. There is another secondary drama teacher in the mix. We haven’t met before…it is a bit exciting.

  2. river says:

    Good to hear a lazy housewife is surviving. It’s clearly the strongest plant and you should leave one bean on the vine to mature, then dry it to save the seeds for next season. You could probably freeze a lot of celery for use in winter soups and stews.
    The chickpea seedling is very pretty.
    What is wrong with poor Willow’s leg? Has she seen a vet?
    I might buy some organic sesame seeds and sprinkle them in a pot and see if anything grows. I’ve always wanted to know what type of plant these yummy little seeds come from.
    Yay on the car!

  3. Mrs Bok says:

    Love seeing your seedlings!
    Tells more about the straw bale. I’d like to plant some cantaloupe out but no space, I’ve often thought about planting into straw bales. How do you do it and what kind of bale have you used?

    Congrats on the car too.

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Urspo says:

    I love the sight of seedlings. They look so lovely

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