Baby, I can drive my car.


funny facebook fails - The Dark Lord Breaks Hearts

I LOLled at this. Harry Potter just keeps on giving..

No photos of the rain washed garden or anything. I’m picking up my car today!! Trouble is, I have to wait till Tuesday to be able to drive it, as that’s the earliest Vicroads appointment to get it registered. Still, the beast comes home today!

I’m happy that I stuck to my guns with regard to price and age. The car is a Ford Station Wagon, exactly the same as the one I wrote off, but two years younger (2002) and a nicer colour. (Silver-grey… so slimming…) It has 180,000kms on the clock, which is on a par with my old car and it seems to be in pretty good nick. I’ve had it at a mechanics getting the Roadworthy Certificate, so they’ve fixed up a few little things that were wrong with it, so I should be getting a good solid car. (Fingers crossed… it’s always a bit of a gamble with secondhand cars.) The car will end up costing $5,500, which is only slightly more than I received for the insurance, so that makes me very happy. Still have to pay for the rego and insurance, but it’ll be far less than the 9K I budgeted for, so maybe I’ll lash out and get that solar oven I’ve been thinking about. (When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll need a hot meal and a cup of coffee to fortify myself.)

This seems to be the year of The Projects.

1. The freezer.

2. The water tank.

3. The solar panels.

4. The car.

5. The wicking beds.

6. The solar oven…?

I wandered around the wicking beds this morning before work. Everything bar the purple beans seem to be recovering and the jury’s still out on them. Still no sign of the purple carrots or parsnips, but time will tell with those. A weird thing though… in each of the 3 wicking beds in the driveway there’s 2 unidentified seedlings coming up. I’d think they were weeds but they’re in the exact same positions in each bed, so I think they’re something I planted that I’ve completely forgotten about. I started a gardening book on Sunday and documented all that I’ve been doing, but I should’ve started earlier, obviously. Still, what’s a Frogdancer garden without a few Tetris plantings or Mystery plants?

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5 Responses to Baby, I can drive my car.

  1. ecoMILF says:

    I did the same- forgot what I planted! Turns out it was marigold flowers with the veggies! Sweet! Thanks for the kind words yesterday! xx m.

  2. persiflage says:

    All sounds good, and I hope the car has many more reliable driving years ahead of it.
    The garden sounds so good. I saw my old garden the other day. It used to be so beautiful. Lots of things have died, it is overrun by weeds, and looks like a total disaster. Still, there was an echidna in it. This probably means there is a serious infestation of ants.

  3. Jayne says:

    Glad to hear you’ve got some wheels again!

    I’ve been nomming on the odd leaf or 3 of wild radish and wild mustard of late; they come up as weeds but are edible, both raw and cooked (nicer cooked) so I’ve stopped pulling weeds….
    (That’s my excuse!)

  4. river says:

    Hooray on the car!
    Curious about the unexpected sproutings now….

  5. Liz says:

    This may be a silly question but what’s a Tetris planting?

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