Adolescents amuse me.

epic win photos - Protest WIN

Those of us with teenage boys would get this photo.

There’s a reason I like my job and why even on a beautiful day like today I’m reasonably happy to be here rather than at home. (The pay packet helps, to be honest.)

The kids are just so funny…

Today and tomorrow the year 8s and I will be ploughing through oral presentations of their wide reading books. They have to “sell” their novels to the class. Last week they were all off at camp, so at least half the class I had in period 2 had completely forgotten that they were meant to be doing this.

I have a system that I call the Magic Pen. I run the pen up and down the names on the roll and a kid calls out “stop!” Whichever name the pen lands on is the next victim.

Only a few kids from 8J were ready to go. The rest sat in agony every time the Magic Pen was being enacted, dreading to hear their name. Midway through the class as I said that the Magic Pen would start I heard one guy say to his friend, “Gets the heart racing, doesn’t it?”

Later in that class there was a less than enthusiastic “selling” of Eoin Colfer’s “The Wish List”. (To be fair, when I read it I didn’t like it much either.) Elisa spoke for a couple of minutes about it and then said, “It was on the New York Best Seller lists when it came out. I don’t know how that happened.”

Can’t wait to hear how the other class does after lunch!


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6 Responses to Adolescents amuse me.

  1. kris says:

    Lol! They are a joy (mostly) ! It will be a sad day at our house when there aren’t any more adolescents.

  2. Jayne says:

    I love her honesty 😉

    Just read your exploit with olives, that recipe sounds delish!

  3. Gwen says:

    Lol! Love it.

    I work with a slightly younger bracket, and some of the stuff they come up with is hilarious.

  4. Fairlie says:

    I think a book review which warns you not to waste your time is just as valuable (or even more so) as one selling the book!

  5. librarygirl says:

    I am loving my teens ( 14 and 17 and 3/4s) :agreeing with kris, first commenter.

    The dinner table here at night can be much more entertaining than a lot of dinners with adults that I’ve attended over the years.

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