At last! The first of my home-made tumbling compost bins made from olive barrels is ready.
I wandered out to the backyard 5 minutes ago to give you all a demonstration.
A powerful nudge with my daintily shod foot…
… and it shoots across the lawn, tumbling the contents as it goes!
(Actually, it’s pretty heavy so it takes a couple of kicks to roll a couple of inches, but the contents are still being aerated, so it’s all good.)
The sunflowers and onions are growing well. This was the pot that I filled with the chook bedding and some soil a year or so ago and tried to grow leeks in. They didn’t like it much and then the chooks dug them up. The sunflowers, despite needing a drink, seem to be enjoying it. I’m looking forward to when they start to flower. So are the chooks.
Asparagus!!!! (And my lost digging trowel!)
Remember my freezer that I wanted to turn into a worm farm? I asked Dad about it and a day later he was here, drilling holes and siliconing and doing other manly things to make my wild and crazy dream a reality. These blocks stop the door from sealing, both so the worms can get air and no small child will get trapped in there. Though what self-respecting small child would climb into a worm farm??? Still, all’s now safe.
He did the hardest job, which was putting the drainage pipe in the bottom.
Now I just have to measure the space, buy some gravel to put at the bottom and the next stage of putting it all together can begin!
Bertie can barely contain himself with all the excitement.

And a parting gift for you all:
A thought provoking post on the ‘Occupy’ movement.

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5 Responses to Projects.

  1. Jenny @ Erinport says:

    Froggie – isn’t it Bertie’s birthday today ? He’s eight years old – and doesn’t he still look super ? His youngest granddaughter, Elizabeth Taylor, is just as beautiful as her name suggests – she’s almost eight months old.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Bertie !

  2. river says:

    Loving the gentle nudge with the daintily-shod foot…
    The freezer worm farm is going to be great!
    We have a bunch of “occupiers” here in Adelaide too.

  3. Liz says:

    I love your compost bin….I wonder how long it would entertain a 2 year old for….it looks pretty fun – if I can keep him busy and get good compost I’d be very happy indeed.

  4. Ohhhh, now I’m super curious about your worm farm fridge! More photos to come please 🙂

  5. Hello!
    Saw you left a comment on my blog – thank you! It’s a small world that we met at Good Morning Captain all those years ago! Something for Kate are a good band – nice lyrics.
    Hope you are well too 🙂

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