This morning.

Last night I went out to put the chickens away after dark. I took the torch and went down to the depths of the backyard to shut the doors of the chicken coop and close the gate to the run.

That afternoon the gerls had been free ranging after I got home from work and let them out. Just in case foxes are around you definitely don’t want to leave the chook run door wide open! (Let ’em work for it!)

This morning I got up early. Bertie was asleep by the back door, even though it’d rained in the night.

Weird dog. I gave him his breakfast bikkie and went to the kennel to give Molly hers. She was sleeping right up at the door of the kennel, snoring melodiously. I woke her, gave her the bikkie and went inside to make a cuppa.

A while later I looked out of the kitchen window to see this:
Buffy always hangs around the back door in the twilight, waiting for me to bring out the cracked corn and sunflower seeds that are the equivalent of lollies for chickens. When the other gerls gave up and put themselves to bed, she obviously hung around till dark.
She wandered around the yard, nonchalantly picking things from the lawn.
Yesterday I saw Pudgy run at Bertie and chase him, so he clearly didn’t want anything to do with chicken-kind. Molly is made of sterner stuff…. even though she wan’t brave enough to sleep right IN the kennel.
After a while, Buffy meandered down to the chicken run and peered through the gate.
I took the hint and went down with the kitchen scarps and let her in.
Bertie felt slightly embarrassed. Kicked out by a bird!

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4 Responses to This morning.

  1. Bev says:

    I’m confused. Are you saying Buffy got locked out of the yard and actually spent the night in the kennel, forcing Molly to sleep half in & half out of it, while Bertie had to make do at the back door?

    Clever girl, finding a nice warm dog kennel complete with guard dog in the doorway!

  2. Ali says:

    Hi Frogdancer 🙂

    Did the chicken sleep in the dog kennel? I like it!

  3. Ali says:

    Ooo it lets me edit! 4 minutes left to see if what I said was the right thing. Oooooweeee! I like it!

  4. hazel says:

    If I don’t shut he door when I should, my rooster and the girls roost up in the locquet tree…metres up. They are probably safer up there than in the coop! The chickens here have the dog bluffed too. LOL

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