Fun with the sun.

Yesterday the rain stopped at around 12.30 and the sun came out. So did my new toys.

Before you use the solar oven to cook anything, you have to boil a pan of water, just to clear it out. So I put a pan of water inside (left the pan lid off so I could watch it) and let it cook.


It took a while… probably because I kept lifting the lid to wipe away condensation… but eventually there was steam.


Lots of steam.
Now I’m free to learn how to cook using it, though I’m a little concerned about some condensation that’s between the two layers of glass in the lid. I’ve left the oven open today and I’m hoping it’ll sort itself out.


Meanwhile, I was able to drink two piping hot cups of coffee from the solar kettle. Again, it would’ve taken a shorter cooking time if I had’ve just left it alone to do its thing, but I kept taking the lid off to feel the water. I didn’t know how to tell if the water was boiling. I wondered and wondered… then when I was potting up some seedlings I heard a “pop!”

It seems that when the lid pops off then the water is boiling.
So what did the coffee taste like?
(Cue Mel Gibson’s voice from ‘Braveheart’.)

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7 Responses to Fun with the sun.

  1. hazel says:

    wow! So how long did it take to boil the water?

  2. Liz says:

    That looks great – have you decided what your solar oven meal will be?

  3. Bev says:

    Couldn’t resist…..just ordered 2 solar kettles; one for me and one for a Chrissy present.

  4. heather says:

    Hi! glad it’s arrived and you’re having fun with it! I just noticed in your photo that perhaps on the Suncook you haven’t popped up the extra mirror that is tucked away in the lid. This will really boost it’s efficiency as the internal mirrors are shaped to reflect off it. 🙂

    If you remove the ring from the sun rocket, the lid won’t ‘pop’ off as the steam can escape. Then just put the ring back on when you want to transfer the water (if the ring is left inside without any water, it can distort!! We have spares if this happens!)

    🙂 Enjoy! Heather

  5. Ellen says:

    So THAT’S what it looks like!

  6. Tricia says:

    I hope you are enjoying your oven.

    I’ve cooked dinner in ours the last tree nights. Monday was Roo stroganoff, yesterday was a mexican pie thingy, and today I have a roo stew on. Unfortunately the clouds just came over and i’ve had to move todays meal into the slow cooker.

    Have fun.

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