Live and let live.

We were talking at work about how attitudes that are mainstream and accepted in one era look archaic and ignorant to future generations as times move on.

We agreed that the government’s refusal to allow gay marriage will be looked at in 50 years as being the most embarrassing, prejudicial thing. People in the future will look at what went on, scratch their heads and regard us with quizzical expressions. “Really??‘ they’ll say. “People really thought the fabric of society would tear into shreds if gay couples were allowed to stand in front of a minister/celebrant and say some vows??”  We’d have to nod sheepishly and say the old line of, “They were different times back then… ” which we all know is a heap of rubbish but it’s a handy cop-out.

This morning I saw this on Facebook.

I tell you, if being part of a gay couple meant that my kids could be as articulate, intelligent and emotionally mature…. I’d change teams!

Ok, I’m joking… but I simply can’t see why this issue is such a controversial topic for some.  It’s really very simple. Just let everybody openly acknowledge who they love and want to be with. Why not?

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6 Responses to Live and let live.

  1. maybaby says:

    It has puzzled me for a long time. It seems to me that the things that endanger and diminish marriage are things like infidelity, domestic violence, unemployment, etc. And those things have nothing to do with gender.

    There’s not so much love in the world that we should ignore, deny and mutilate it when it blossoms.

  2. Sandi says:

    I agree! I’m baffled by the strength with which some people hold onto the belief that they have a duty to deny gay people basic rights. What difference does it make if they’re gay?!! The line in his speech that really resonated for me was “you are voting to codify discrimination into our constitution.” That’s the point, isn’t it? My state (Wisconsin, USA) had a similar proposition (defining marriage as between one man and one woman) on a ballot a couple of years ago and, sadly, it passed. As you observed, how ridiculous we will look fifty years from now.

  3. The fact that this is even considered and issue is something that’s always confused me particularly in a country who views itself as secular, such as australia.

    People love who they love. When they find a person they want to create an undeniable commitment to they should have freedom of choice on how they express that commitment.

    We’ll look ridiculous for many of the decisions we make and ideas that we hold in 50 years. I can only hope that future generations can look back with a little compassion along with their confused and justified anger.

    Kind Regards

  4. Urspo says:

    why not, indeed!

  5. Jayne says:

    It’s amazing what power those backward-looking people weild over those in office *rolls eyes*

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