I’ve TRIED telling her there’s no rooster, so there’s no point…

Pudgy is broody. She’s miserable with thwarted motherhood hormones coursing through her system. She stays in the preferred nesting box all day, ignoring the cries from the other gerls, who hop from one leg to the other, desperate to get into the nesting box to lay their eggs.
Pudgy just sits, “gluck-gluck-glucking”, fluffed up, looking miserable but single-mindedly warming up the plastic egg I keep in there to encourage egg laying.
This photo shows what happened after I lifted Pudgy out and made her go for a walk to get some cool air around her nether regions. Hazel leaped in and took over the nesting box to lay an egg. Pudgy came back, fished out the plastic egg and lay down with it beside the box, keeping Hazel company. (They are best friends, after all.)

The trouble is, the other gerls are laying their eggs in weird places. I found a broken one in their water bowl yesterday. Poor gerl probably hung on for as long as she could…. and then POP!

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5 Responses to I’ve TRIED telling her there’s no rooster, so there’s no point…

  1. Catherine says:

    Pop her into a cage with no nesting material and no dark spots but plenty of feed and water. In a week or so the clucky urge will go and she will be back to “normal” whatever normal is for a chook…vbg.

  2. I’ve debrooded one of our gerls 3 times this season.

    I’m at the point I am not even considering removing the broody cage from the coop..Thankfully generally 48hrs in the broody coop snaps her out of it until I miss picking up some of the eggs and they build up to more than 5 🙂

    Kind Regards

  3. Mrs Bok says:

    Awwww poor wee chook. So many eggs but not one chick. Oddly I keep thinking of teapot (Hypatia) who was very broody before the fox took her and I keep regretting she never had the chance to raise some baby chookens.

  4. Jayne says:

    Latte, our white Leghorn, waits til she gets let out then makes a beeline to the ‘babies’ (Silkies) cage where she plops herself down on top of their eggs to lay her own, then the ”babies take turns getting clucky each month and park themselves on top.
    Funny silly buggers.

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