Solar Cooking fun after school.

Yesterday afternoon turned into a clear blue sky with lots of sun. I had no meetings so I was home by 4. I looked at Evan15 and he looked at me.
Time to try out the solar oven!!!!
We set it out on the back porch to heat up while I hand-mixed the dough. (If only my new Thermomix was here… it’d do the job in 2 seconds flat!)P1010138
Then we placed the dough on a black tray, to absorb the heat. Evan15 wanted me to make it clear to you all that his biscuits were the beautifully shaped ones in the middle, while mine were the rough-edged ones along the sides.
They went in at 4.10 and we waited…
After a while I realised that we didn’t have the oven thermometer in, so Evan15 ran and popped it in. Being a boy, anything technical, measure-y and gadgety is fascinating.
After 10 minutes the temperature had reached 50C. After 20 minutes it had reached 180C.
Not bad considering it was late afternoon and I hadn’t set up the mirrors properly. (More on that later…)
“I think I can smell them cooking, Mum.”
After a longer while (I forgot to look at the clock) they were ready. Evan15 had moved the oven down from the porch onto the concrete as the sun gradually moved over the top of the trees, thus using his brain and making sure they’d cook in time. The back ones cooked quicker than the front ones so I rotated the tray after an hour.

When I lifted out the biscuits I gave the oven I bit of a wipe-over to get rid of the condensation and as I fiddled with the side mirror look what happened!
From this… (only one mirror on the side)..
To this!!!!
(D’OH!!! They would’ve cooked so much quicker if I had’ve realised!)
So we made bikkies for recess by using no power at all except that of the sun… and the problem solving power of our mighty minds.
*nods wisely and exits very quickly*

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5 Responses to Solar Cooking fun after school.

  1. Bev says:


    It’s a bit hard to see what’s happening with all those mirrors & reflections. Am I right in thinking that an extra mirror appeared?

    I’m sorely tempted to get one!

  2. Ellen says:

    Splendid! I bet meringues would cook really well too.

  3. Catherine says:

    I know I left a comment but can’t see it. Never mind – it was only to say I’m super impressed with your achivements. Ps mine would be the rough edged ones too….lol

  4. Amelia says:

    that is awesome!
    I love the things you do with your boys.

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