The end of an era. Three years of sons with dreads.

My Dad is as bald as a badger. This may seem like a fairly irrelevant fact, but male baldness is passed down through the female line. I’ve always told the boys that if they want to experiment with their hair, best to do it now while they still have it, because statistically they’re not all going to end up with full heads of hair like their father.

A year ago some of you may remember that Evan15 was given dreadlocks by Santa Claus. This necessitated a long drive to the other side of town and a 6 hour marathon session with two crochet hook wielding woman who turned his lovely silky locks into ropes.

He went back once for maintenance on the regrowth, but then made excuse after excuse not to go back. His dreads grew long and unkempt. He looked like an ‘Occupy Melbourne’ protester. (Just a topical little joke there…)


He finally decided to chop them off. Most people just shave their heads, but when David18 cut his off last year, he un-matted as much as he could and ended up with a decent head of hair, so Evan15 decided to do the same thing. It took hours.


For a few halcyon minutes he sported a mullet. It was like being back in the 70’s.

Here’s the insides of dreads. Because now you can say you know.

David18 cut off all but one dread.

He was on the home stretch here.

The next morning he wasn’t happy. He’d washed his hair and slept in a hat to train it to lie flat, but he was convinced it didn’t look as good.

I beg to differ.

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8 Responses to The end of an era. Three years of sons with dreads.

  1. Bev says:

    I can’t believe anyone would want to do that to their hair!! Imagine the wildlife that might find a home there.

    He looks 100% better….although IMHO in need of a comb!

  2. persiflage says:

    Much much much better. I don’t know how they stood it, or how you stood it either.
    I like hair to be able to shine and be stroked.

  3. Andrea says:

    If the girls at school like the new look im sure he will too!! What a great mum letting the boys find their style!!

  4. river says:

    Dreads are a terrible thing to do to your hair. It’s nice that you let them experiment, but silky locks are so much nicer, in looks and feel.

  5. Barb says:

    One of my daughters has these. She has had them for 3 or 4 years now. Before that she was short, then mohawky and purple…Hippy, free spirit gal.


  6. Karen says:

    Oh isn’t he just too adorable!! And a good sport posing for those photos, too!

  7. He looks like a different young man!

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