Necessity is the mother of invention.

What do you do when you (finally) drag the christmas tree out from the garage, start to assemble it and then realise that the stand has disappeared?
Why, you grab a few stray bricks from the backyard and wrap them in Christmas paper and strategically position them around the base of the tree so it doesn’t fall over.


(Action shot as we were starting to decorate.)
See? No one would ever know! I tell you, I’m a genius.


A couple of years ago I went to a blogmeet to meet Tracey and she made us all little birds. I thought I’d post a shot of it on the tree, resting just beneath the two sparrows we have at the top of the tree. (No stars or angels here… we like our little birds.)


And one last shot of a Christmas prep. Borage flowers in ice cubes. Borage flowers are edible and Keith told me about this when I was over at a garden tour at his place a while ago. I think they’ll look very pretty bobbing around in a glass of lemonade. (It’s going to be a warm one this year… 26C and humid.)

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6 Responses to Necessity is the mother of invention.

  1. persiflage says:

    Lovely! You are so clever and resourceful. You inspire me with the desire to emulate you, so off I go to see if I can find some tinsel, and who knows, a crib?

  2. Avital says:

    Geez. You and your fancy ice cubes. For a moment, while I was huddled under my wool blanket, I thought it was extremely strange that you were making I’ve cubes for Christmas. Then I remembered. Sigh.

    Anyways, I love flowers in ice. Chamomile is nice too, and nasturtium and tiny pansies.

  3. Karen says:

    26 and humid warm! Here in Perth we are thanking our lucky stars for a cool low-30s day.
    But of course I get that your northern hemisphere readers will appreciate the explanation.
    Thanks Frogdancer for all the fun and inspiring posts this year. Best to you and your gorgeous boys for a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!

  4. river says:

    I like the frozen borage flowers.

    I’ve had wrapped bricks in my house too, but as doorstops.
    Why is your tree base not stored next to your tree?
    Tut tut.

  5. Annie says:

    Love the borage in the ice!! I make a tree this year out of gum tree limbs. It was fun.

  6. kelgurl says:

    love the wrapped bricks idea. LOVE the borage in ice cubes. Now, if I can remember that when summer returns here….
    Have a wonderful holiday

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