What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

When I woke up this morning I grabbed a coffee and sat down to my emails.
My lovely friend Scott sent an email detailing his preparations for Christmas dinner.
He's been helping me with my turkey. His email was serene, with serenity and organisation oozing from every punctuation mark.
Here's the reply the poor man got:
I got up at 5.30, after I woke to visions of Delia's alfoil tent, and checked the
turkey. It's been in the fridge since Wednesday night and it's STILL more than half
frozen. It's a warm morning (it's 6.15 now) so I've thrown the cats outside and I've
got that bird out on the draining board next to the sink. I figure an hour or two
in 18C temp will get things moving along. Otherwise, it'll be KFC for sure!

Going to harvest some of our potatoes to go with it. That'll happen later this morning.
Bec from work made a beautiful brown and wild rice salad for the staff function so
I got the recipe from her. I'll make that today as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to be heavily using my Thermomix. Uma will be making hommus, sundried
tomato dip and tuna dip for nibblies when we're all waiting 47 hours for this damned
turkey to cook , (I've also made labna, chilli flavoured olives and rosemary infused
olives from Gim's tree and bought various nuts and chips as well.) It takes around
2 or 3 minutes to make each dip so I'll be making those fresh in the morning.

Then Uma will make a coleslaw and a beetroot salad, both to be served with mayo that I'll
also make with her. Though I might just dress the beetroot salad with lime juice instead. My sister Kate also bringing a small green salad. Oh! Forgot! I'll also
whip up some sorbet to have before dinner. It's going to be stinking hot so I think
it'll be a good idea. I've bought some strawberries so I'm set for that. (Takes literally
2 minutes in the thermomix. I tell you, that machine is rocking my world.)

Mum's bringing the ham, so that's covered. I'll make gravy in the thermomix... probably
pre-prepared and then quickly add some pan juices and heat it up like I saw on Jamie
Oliver last night. Roast spuds and pumpkin. I was going to start them today but I
have to reorganise the fridge. Tom19 is driving back from Tony's today and he said
he wants to bring some things home so I have a feeling that the fridge will be stuffed
to the gills. I've already bought everything I need for Sunday because I didn't want
to have to rely on Tom19's memory (anything that doesn't directly concern him is usually
relegated to 'not that important').

Dessert! Kate is bringing one and Mum is making a small Christmas pudding, because
Dad thinks it's not Christmas without one. (Personally, I hate them, but it's traditional.)
I told Mum I'll make the custard. The thermomix makes the creamiest, lump free custard
you've ever eaten in your life, so I'll be making that, with eggs from our gerlies
of course.

Then I'll get pissed. (For American readers, that means I'll be getting inebriated.)

I've had christmas really easy for the last 10 years or so... my job was always to
bering the ham and a salad, so I want to make it easy on Mum and Kate. Mum keeps
ringing up wanting to bring extra things and I keep telling her I've already made
them. (Imagine offering to bring SHOP BOUGHT dips! The horror.... the horror.....)

Mum doesn't know about Uma. I'm going to have her as a christmas entertainment for
the ladies and gentlemen of the party. Evan15 is just as enthused as me; he's helping
me cook every night and poring over the recipe books that came with her to see what
else we can do. It was chilli con carne two nights ago, then bolognaise last night.
I'm turning into a foodie...

Oh! Also forgot to say that I'm going to make wholemeal bread rolls to have with
christmas dinner. I'll mill the wheat grains and then plonk them in some white bread
making flour I bought yesterday. I estimate I have to put the turkey in to cook at
7AM, so I'll be making bread at 6AM. Easy! (What's the bet that I'll sleep in for
the first time in years and it'll all end up wrong?) I haven't made bread yet, but
at the demo I went to it took 3 mins kneading time and then after rising, the dough
is placed in a cold oven and cooked. I figure I can kill two birds with the one stone
and prewarm the oven and cook bread rolls at the same time. How hard can it be?

btw, I'm thinking seriously of becoming a thermomix consultant. I need more money
coming in and this product sells itself. The big test will be if it all goes to plan

I've told the boys it'll be all hands on deck today to get the house sparkling. They've
been good, doing lots of extra gardening and housework since they're on hliay, but
with Kate and Francis the Perfect Housekeepers (a bit like you, actually!!!) I want
to be stress free. That means of course that I'll be making the boys very stressed
indeed until everything's done.

Going to go and fertilise the veggies now. 

Merry Christmas!!!

ps. My recipe for the roast turkey has butter put under the skin, to answer your question. Blogless Sandy and Andrew
said that it was beautifully moist when they made it to this recipe a few years ago. 

pps. Do you think I've woken up in a mild panic?
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9 Responses to What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  1. Robyn@Belli says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel. Happens to me every year and I have been ‘doing’ Christmas lunch for 20 years. Does not matter how early I start or how many lists I make I still wake up for 2 days prior in a panic. I thought this year seeing as I have cut back my work hours it would all be different but No the panic is there – here I am at the computer still searching recipes for that ‘little extra’ something. Thermomix sounds great – magic machine?! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Xmas.

  2. trash says:

    Breathe. Just breathe.

  3. Catherine says:

    Ok – so now I’m am convinced – you are Superwoman. Hope it all goes according to plan – how could it not!!!

  4. Scott says:

    Ummm – didn’t you read my message? Hell0! – I STILL have to ice the Christmas Cake!

  5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…..

    except perhaps polio.

    Have a lovely Christmas!

  6. Bev says:

    Hope it all goes well. Looks like you bought Uma just in time. She is wonderful isn’t she?

    (This afternoon I’m making lemon butter, vegetable stock, yoghurt and mixing home-made hamburgers in it. If there’s any time left I’ll do a batch of biscuits).

    You will do well as a consultant. Go for it.

    Merry Christmas to all of you…including dogs, cats and (especially, ‘cos they’re my favourite) chickens.

  7. river says:

    Uma seems to be earning her keep.
    Why a frozen turkey? They take so long to thaw!
    next year order a fresh one from the butcher and pick it up on Christmas eve. I don’t like turkey, never have, but my two younger kids are fans and they’ve always wanted to try a “Turducken” which is a turkey stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a chicken, so when she saw them in the supermarket freezer section, K bought one and it’s been thawing in her fridge for three days now. She’ll be cooking it tomorrow. After all that effort, I hope they enjoy it. I’ll be enjoying a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Because I’ve got so much ham!

    Merry Christmas or Giftmess, you choose.

  8. Ellen says:

    Merry Christmas Frogdancer and family.

    It sounds like you are going to have a veritable feast tomorrow. Uma sounds like a wonderful addition to your household, and I am sure that between you, you’ll crack your – frankly, quite terrifying – list of things to do. And if things don’t go quite according to plan, I feel sure that Uma will know how to keep a secret or two!

    I have a double oven – then only trouble is that the larger one has broken, with only enough heat to keep things warm. So attempting to cook my turkey in the little grill oven should be interesting.

    Wishing all the peace and joy of Christmas to you and yours x

  9. Ha ha, sounds like my desperate attempts to be organized for Christmas! Hope it all went well – the menu sounded great! Did Uma wow everyone? Sounds like you’d make a great consultant – do it!
    Jo 🙂

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