(This is a little Christmas village that Scott gave us when he and Mark packed up and went to England to live.)

The Christmas turkey worked!!! I was so relieved. Blogless Sandy and Scott were giving me instructions on what to do, so I melded the two instructions together and put butter between the skin and meat of the bird, covered it in streaky bacon to give it flavour and keep in the moisture and then popped it in a foil tent and put in in the oven at 7.15AM, just after I took out the bread rolls that I made in Uma, the thermomix. She kneads the dough in 2 minutes, which is just the thing at that hour of the day. The first step was to grind up some wheat to make wholemeal rolls and the last step was to sprinkle some poppy seeds on the top. They looked rustic and lovely.

After I was squared away in the kitchen we had presents and whiled the morning away. At 11AM I had a bit of a meltdown and got all the boys in the kitchen peeling potatoes and chopping pumpkin. Just as well I did, because my parents got here promptly at 12. The day before I specifically told Dad not to be early, because he’s one of those annoying people who always turn up early for everything. He even made me early to my own wedding…. how desperate must I have looked??!? (Maybe Dad was desperate to get rid of me…?) Anyway, he and Mum turned up 3 minutes early. Mum said that he was trying to be late… he was driving really slowly. But some things just aren’t meant to be.


I switch off the lights in the lounge room and watch the fairy lights flicker and change colours. It’s very relaxing.)

I wanted to put Uma through her paces to see if this machine was really as good as she seemed to be. When everyone got here I made peach bellinis for the adults, which took less than a minute. Then, as they were sitting in the lounge room, I poked my head around the corner and asked them which dip they’d like to have first, because I wanted to have things as fresh as possible. They were already munching away on my olives and the labna I’d made, so they were already quite happy. Dips literally take a minute to make, so I was passing around sundried tomato dip and hommus before they knew what hit them.


I think I’d choose to live in this house. It has interesting windows over the front door and there’s no long walk to carry groceries because it’s on the lower level.

Before they arrived I made french dressing for the coleslaw. I tried to make mayonaisse but apparently everything has to be at room temperature. I’m now guessing that “hen’s innards” temperature is not the same as room temperature, because the mayo was disgusting. Fortunately the french dressing, which I made in a mad panic, was lovely so all was ok.

Everyone was tucking into the dips and olives, so I called Mum and Kate out to the kitchen to show them how Uma chops a salad. I put together a coleslaw and a beetroot salad in 20 seconds each.

Then we pulled the turkey out of the oven at 12.45 and swathed it in a towel to keep it warm while it rested for an hour while the potatoes and pumpkin cooked. Just before serving, I used the pan juices and made gravy in the thermomix. It took 7 minutes but because it constantly stirs as it cooks I didn’t have to stand there anxiously watching it so I was able to get other things done. No lumps, no hassles… just the way I like my cooking.


David18 and Scott both prefer the tower house.

The turkey was beautiful. Moist and tasty. Frankly, I don’t know what all the fuss was about…. It was an 8.8kg bird and all that was left was a pile of bones and the wings, which incidentally made a tasty breakfast for me the next day. (I was sitting in front of the computer chatting to Adam from work, gnawing on the wings like Henry 8th. It was awesome. I felt all autocratic and Tudor-y.) By the way, click on the ‘Adam from work’ link and read the article. It’s very good.

The last thing I made with Uma was custard for the plum pudding, which we served with icecream I’d made earlier in the week with the thermomix. Everyone staggered off just before the storm hit, full to the gills and very contented. It was a lovely day.

I tried to use as many things as I could from the garden. The potatoes, garlic, spring onions, mint and eggs were all from the garden. I also made the labna from scratch, as well as the dips, bread and salads. It felt really satisfying to harvest as much as I could from what we produced to feed the people I love. I felt bad that a lot of things in the garden weren’t quite ready to harvest, so maybe next year I’ll plant earlier just in case I get the hard word put on me again!

I loved having Christmas here. The boys and I all made the effort and got the house and garden looking their best, so now I have a week with most of the boys gone and the housework has already been done. Heaven!

And the Thermomix? Today I signed up to become a consultant. Anyone in the Melbourne area who wants a demo…. I’m your woman!

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10 Responses to Christmas.

  1. Bev says:

    Bravo, Thermomix woman! What a pity I’ve already had my demo.

    Sounds like it all went very well, except for the mayo. I haven’t tried it yet…a bit nervous in case it doesn’t work. So are you saying the eggs were warm? As in straight out of the hen’s bum? And that’s no good?

    Did the walnut, banana & date cake yesterday….very nice. Convenient because it uses 2 egg whites and the icecream uses 2 egg yolks….so…make ice cream…make a cake…no leftovers.

  2. Stompergirl says:

    I think I need to go and look up exactly what a thermomix is, because I like the sound of it! You made me LOL with the early Dad/ wedding paragraph.

  3. Scott says:

    After all that – my turkey was a little dry!! I forgot about that village – does it still squeak as the cogs go around inside? I looked up Thermomix in the UK – it’s like one of those cults as it never tells you the price of the item, just more and more about how good it is. It reminded me of a pyramid selling scheme I was made to listen to once.

  4. river says:

    Dough kneaded in two minutes? I see home made pizza in your future!
    Well done on getting through the day so well.

  5. Bri F says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, I have never done turkey before and must give it a go next year.

    Uma sounds like she has had a good work out!!!

  6. Urspo says:

    I hope your 2012 is marvelous, and full of quilts and chickens.

  7. Barbara Good says:

    Sounds lovely and like Uma is earning her keep in your house. Love the little village too!

  8. Jayne says:

    I’ll have to go gurgle what a thermomix is but it sounds fairly exotic, like a kitchem maid but sans the uniform and dinky lil apron.

  9. persiflage says:

    All sounds amazingly revelatory, except that I am left wondering about gravy for plum pudding. ?
    You evidently leave the Trojans for dead.

  10. Frogdancer says:

    Did I write gravy? Oops. I meant to write custard. I’ll go and change it.

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