Feeding adolescent children.

crazy parenting fails - Parenting Fails: Mom Was Never the Same After that Prison Sentence...

I think we’ve all been there…!

Yesterday was a full-on day for cooking.

First thing in the morning I made the ginger beer from the plant Blogless Sandy gave me. I split the plant in two and saved half for a friend at work who grew wildly excited at the thought of having it, so at the moment I’m keeping two plants going. I ran out of ginger this morning so I’m going to have to make a mercy dash to the shops to keep them both going.

Then I decided to make the most of the sunshine and bake another batch of brownies in the solar oven for the Gardening POD meeting. I put all that together, then started a batch of natural yoghurt to make some labna to eat on my breakfast bread rolls. Then of course, I had to fire up the thermomix to actually MAKE the breakfast bread rolls. This time I ground up some flaxseed with the whole wheat to make sure we get all of the goodness. In ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’ Barbara Kingsolver mentions that her husband always puts flaxseed into their bread in winter time to help offset SAD. I don’t know about seasons mucking you around, but in this house I’m all about not wanting the sadness, so from now on we’re getting flaxseeds in our bread, like it or not.

Fortunately, we all like it, so the adding of the flaxseed isn’t contributing to any misery around the place.

Then, after the gardening POD had come and gone, I was snoozing gently on the couch when I heard illicit thermomix sounds in the kitchen. Evan15 was bored, so he looked through the thermo cookbook and chose a new recipe. He mixed up a lemon cake and cooked it. Yesterday we made a double portion of icecream and he changed it to cinnamon. He added far more cinnanmon than I did on Christmas Day when I made it and his version was just beautiful. Incidentally, so was the cake. Funny really, because he hates lemon cake. He tasted the mixture and was all, … “Ohhh yuck! I’d forgotten how awful this is…” He’s a fool, because it was one of the nicest cakes I’ve tasted. Next time we’ll do an orange cake ad see if it’s just as good. (We’re running out of lemons. Grow trees, grow!!)

Evan15 was having a group of friends over after dinner, so while I was making a new meal in the thermomix (tuna pasta… very nice… though it also uses lemon zest, dammit!) he was outside firing up the brazier.


“Hey Mum!” he called out. “What does this fire have in common with Playschool?”

I looked closer.


“There’s a chair in there, right?” I asked.

He beamed. I don’t think he realised that the old broken chair was actually in use to keep the chooks away from my tiny lemon tree and I didn’t have the heart to rain on his parade.

After dinner his friends came around. Two boys and two girls; one of whom I taught Drama last year.They were outside playing totem tennis and sitting around the brazier. At one stage I saw a couple of them ferreting through the strawberry patch, but I knew they wouldn’t find much fruit (om nom nom every morning when I’m watering the garden) so I went out with the brownies that had survived the Gardening club visit and the depredations of the boys. No worries about finding a container for these leftovers!
Later on I made vanilla custard in the thermomix because Ryan17 had a really bad sore throat. I also put together an apple crumble for David18, who is suffering a rosy case of sunburn from a day at the beach (idiot!). The kids had moved inside and were playing Monopoly on Evan15’s room, so they polished off the leftovers.
Then Evan15 decided to feed them his cinnamon icecream. They must have been looking hungry. It went down a treat… we have to make some more today. It was like having a polite, giggly and noisy plague of locusts in the back bedroom. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more uproarous game of Monopoly in my life!

Honestly, I don’t know how I’ll find the time to go back and spend hours each day teaching when term starts again.
Only two more weeks of glorious freedom. The holidays are galloping past. 😦

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5 Responses to Feeding adolescent children.

  1. river says:

    Boy Uma really is earning her keep isn’t she?
    I think you slipped up on the boys names…one of them anyway.

  2. Jo says:

    I’m exhausted reading about all that cooking lol!! And I am not reading your Thermomix review, just in case I want one 🙂
    I think I suffer from SAD a bit (although now we are in our new house that gets heaps of winter sun…maybe not), but will give the flaxseeds a try over winter.

  3. Bev says:

    I put LSA mix (ground linseed, sunflower, almond) into all my bread and into other things, e.g. I put it into casseroles to thicken. Now, with the TM, I can grind my own!

  4. Urspo says:

    I love the sign.

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